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At Analytics-Shop.com you find a wide range of chromatography supplies such as couplers for HPLC and GC. If you have any quetions on HPLC couples and other chromatography supplies our qualified experts team can provide you with an independent and professional advice.

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  1. Vici Jour

    Coupler, PEEK, universal 0.25 mm ID, blue

    sku: JR-26503
  2. Agilent Technologies

    1/8'' Union Tee Brass Swagelok

    sku: AG0100-0090
  3. Agilent Technologies

    Union, PEEK for 1/8 od tubing

    sku: AG0100-2410
  4. Agilent Technologies

    Union, zero-dead-volume, SS, no Fittings

    sku: AG5022-2184
  5. Agilent Technologies

    Column nut 1/16in 2pk PE

    sku: AG8003-0311
  6. Agilent Technologies

    Column nut brass 2pk V-B

    sku: AG8004-0311
  7. Agilent Technologies

    6890 TCD Packed Column Adapter

    sku: AGG1532-20710
  8. Chiral

    Guard Column Coupler

    sku: DAIC000D1-DAIC
  9. Chiral


    sku: DAIC000D2
  10. Macherey-Nagel

    Capillary Union Type 1

    sku: MN718637
  11. Upchurch Scientific

    Conductive Micro Union Assembly, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPM-572
  12. Upchurch Scientific

    Plug - Delrin, 1/4-28 Flat-Bottom, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-309
  13. Upchurch Scientific

    Bulkhead Union Assembly PEEK 1/4-28 red, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-441
  14. Upchurch Scientific

    Standard Union Tefzel (ETFE) 1/4-28, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-623
  15. Upchurch Scientific

    Union Assembly Tefzel (ETFE), for 1/8'' OD, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-631
  16. Upchurch Scientific

    Union Assembly High Pressure PEEK .020, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-705
  17. Upchurch Scientific

    PEEK Low PressureTee Assembly 1/8'' PEEK .050 thru hole

    sku: UPP-713
  18. Upchurch Scientific

    Tee Assembly High Pressure PEEK .020 thru hole

    sku: UPP-715
  19. Upchurch Scientific

    Union Assembly PEEK .010 10-32, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-742
  20. Upchurch Scientific

    Tefzel (ETFE) Cap 1/16'' Male Nut, yellow, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-754
  21. Upchurch Scientific

    MicroTight Unions Assembly 1/32'', 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-771
  22. Upchurch Scientific

    Female LuerTight Fitting System for 1/16'' OD, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-835
  23. Upchurch Scientific

    VacuTight Fittings 1/4-28 - 1/8 PEEK, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-948
  24. Upchurch Scientific

    VHP Stainless Steel Tee 10-32 thread port, 1/16 OD

    sku: UPUH-427
  25. Upchurch Scientific

    VHP MicroTee Assembly for 360µm OD

    sku: UPUH-750
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GC Press-Fit Connectors (Y-splitter, Presstight Connector)

In various situations, it may be necessary to connect two GC columns with as little leakage and as little dead volume as possible. The use of press-fit connectors (or Y-splitters as well as press-tight connectors) is a economical, effective and fast solution then -  whether it is the repair of a defective column, the addition of a GC retention gap or the division of the column outlet into 2 or 3 directions. Press-Fit connectors are usually made of small capillary glass and are available in different versions depending on use: linear press-fit connectors, Y-Press-Fit connectors and multi-way (4-5)-Press-Fit connectors. At Analytics-Shop.com you will find a variety of different, easy-to-use press fit connectors, including our own brand Altmann Analytik. Do you need help selecting the right connectors? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service.