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Biotech DEGASi Series

At Analytics-Shop we offer high quality degassers by Biotech. The degassers by Biotech can be used for a lot of applications where gasses dissolved in the operating liquid may interfere with the use of the system. Degassing is an absolute requirement to get optimal performance out of your analytical instrumentation or chromatography system. The use of a Biotech DEGASi system will save you time and money by avoiding interruptions in your production. This product line is easy to use and provides reliable continuous operation for many years. The extremely low internal volume of the Systec AF tubing used in the degasser provides for quick equilibration and very short startup times, compared to the use of a degasser which uses PTFE degassing channels with the same degassing efficiency. The product range includes nine different degassers where you select a model depending on the flow rate and what type of solvent used. For further information you can use the current brochure supplied by the manufacturer Biotech. If you have any questions, please contact us - our experts team will assist you.

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  1. Agilent Technologies

    Online degasser asscessory kit

    sku: AGG1322-68705
  2. Biotech

    FEP Tubing 1/8 OD x 1/16 ID, 5 meter

    sku: BT0704
  3. Biotech

    Debubbler,2.5mL,ePTFE,No Tail

    sku: BT9000-1540
  4. Biotech

    Debubbler,5mL,ePTFE,No Tail

    sku: BT9000-1541
  5. Biotech

    DEGASi High Flow Stand Alone Degasser 60 ml Silicone

    sku: BTKIT.HF.500-S
  6. Biotech

    Degassing upgrade kit for Agilent 1100 degasser

    sku: BT0001-1019
  7. Agilent Technologies

    Vacuum chamber replacement kit for G1379A Micro Volume Degasser

    sku: AG5067-5387
  8. Biotech

    Standard 670 µl Systec AF degassing chamber

    sku: BT9000-1006
  9. Biotech

    Standard 100 µl Systec AF degassing chamber

    sku: BT9000-1000
  10. Biotech

    Standard 925 µl Systec AF degassing chamber

    sku: BT9000-1009
  11. Biotech

    Systec degasser vacuum pump

    sku: BT9000-1471
  12. Biotech

    Flow restrictor assembly

    sku: BT9000-1577
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