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Ferrules for HPLC and GC

Ferrules are used in chromatography to help eliminating leaks. The ferrule forms a strong, permanent, airtight seal around the column. At Analytics-Shop we offer ferrules for HPLC and GC by numerous well known manufacturers such as Agilent Technologies, Grace, Upchurch Scientific, Vici Valco and many more.

Here you find a large selection of high quality ferrules for liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC) to ensure optimal separation efficiencies. The choice of which ferrule to use in your system will be dependent upon a number of parameters. Tubing size, pressure requirements, mating nuts and, most importantly, the geometry of the receiving port must be considered when choosing the right ferrule for any given application. Materials such as PEEK, PCTFE, and stainless steel are often used to manufacture ferrules for high pressure applications. Softer polymers, including EFTE and polypropylene, are used primarily in lower-pressure applications.

For more Information about HPLC and GC ferrules, please click here.

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  1. Vici Jour

    Ferrule, ETFE, 1/16 , 10/pkg

    sku: JR-041-10
  2. Agilent Technologies

    Ferrules 1/16 inch, Polyimide

    sku: AG0100-1512
  3. Agilent Technologies

    1/16 inch SS Fitting, front and back Ferrules, 10 pcs.

    sku: AG5062-2418
  4. Agilent Technologies

    Ferrules Vespel 530um, 0.8mm 10 pcs.

    sku: AG5062-3512
  5. Agilent Technologies

    Ferrules VG 320u 10 pcs.

    sku: AG5062-3514
  6. Agilent Technologies

    Front Ferrules, 1/4in Brass, 10 pcs.

    sku: AG5180-4111
  7. Agilent Technologies

    Back Ferrules 1/16 inch Brass, 10 pcs.

    sku: AG5180-4113
  8. Agilent Technologies

    Ferrules, Graphpak 2M inlet, for 0.25 mm columns

    sku: AG5182-9768
  9. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Ferrule, 15/85 Graphite/Vespel, 0.1-0.25, 10/PAK

    sku: TF29033461
  10. Upchurch Scientific

    SealTight Ferrule 10-32-M6 Coned, for 1/16'' OD, 10pc/PAK

    sku: UPF-192X
  11. Upchurch Scientific

    MicroTight Ferrule Plug, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-116
  12. Upchurch Scientific

    VHP MicroFerrule PEEK 360µm OD, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPPK-152
  13. Vici Jour

    Ferrule, ETFE, 1/8 , 10/pkg

    sku: JR-051-10
  14. Vici Jour

    Single Ferrule, PEEK, 1/16 , 5/pkg

    sku: JR-5005-5
  15. Vici Jour

    Ferrule, SS, 1/16 , 316SS

    sku: JR-59
  16. Vici Jour

    Ferrule, CTFE, collapsible, 1/16 , 10/pkg

    sku: JR-CFL-CB1KF
  17. Vici Jour

    Ferrule, PEEK, 1/8 , 5/pkg

    sku: JR-ZF2PK-5
  18. Vici Valco

    Ferrule 1/16 , 303SS, 10/PAK,

    sku: VC-ZF1-10
  19. Vici Valco

    Ferrule 1/16, PEEK, 10/PAK,

    sku: VC-ZF1PK-10
  20. Vici Valco

    Ferrule 1/16, 316SS, 10/PAK,

    sku: VC-ZF1S6-10
  21. Waters

    Double tight Ferrule, Peek

    sku: WTPSL613302
  22. Waters

    Single Ferrule, Peek, 1/16

    sku: WTPSL613316
  23. Waters

    Ferrule AP-5, 10/PK

    sku: WTWAT023347
  24. Vici Valco

    Ferrule 1/8, Polyimide, Valcon, 5/PAK

    sku: VC-ZF2V-5
  25. A.I.T. France

    Ferrule 3/16'' - 4mm, 10 pc/PAK

    sku: AIF316
  26. Upchurch Scientific

    LiteTouch Ferrule, PEEK, for 1/8'' OD, natural, 10 pc/PAK

    sku: UPLT-200X
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Ferrules for your GC system

Ferrules have the purpose to seal the joint of the column or of the liner with the GC system. If an unsuitable ferrule or ferrule of poor quality is used for sealing the column, unstable and unreliable chromatography analysis may be the result. Through the use of unsuitable ferrules leaks can arise, which allow the entry of air and contaminants into the GC system and thus cause interference to the column and the detector.

Ferrules are suitable for gastight and temperature resistant sealing of fused silica, glass and metal columns. We also stock SilTite FingerTite ferrules for Agilent GC's. These new ferrules faciliate easy, leakless and airless installing of the capillary column – you do not even need tools. This leads to higher air tightness and less noise when working with sensitive MS applications.

Differences between ferrules of different material

Material Uses Advantages Disadvantages
100% Graphite FID, NPD

- easy-to-use stable seal

- higher temperature limit

- easily removable

- re-usable

- unsuitable for MS or oxygen-sensitive detectors

- soft, easily deformed or destroyed

- contamination of the system is possible

85% Vespel/ 15% Graphite MS and oxygen-sensitive detectors

- long lifetime

- high temperature limit

- compatible with MS

- not re-usable

- must be re-tightened after initial temperature cycle

SilTite Metal MS and oxygen-sensitive detectors

- long lifetime

- high temperature limit

- compatible with MS

- not re-usable

Replacement time of the ferrule

The regular exchange of ferrules is essential for proper operation of the GC system. If you are not sure whether you need to replace the ferrule already, keep an eye out on these indicators:

  • The head of the ferrule has been abraded by repeated retightening
  • The head of the ferrule has been compressed around the column and distorted

To get the most from your ferrules, some criteria should be considered. A strong abrasion can occur if the ferrule is overtightened and a porous ferrule can interfere with your apllication results. Furthermore ensure that the ferrule is completely clean before use and avoid any kind of contamination before and during use as much as possible. Replace the ferrule when a new column or new parts of injectors and detectors are installed. Lastly, the use of the appropriate ferrule for the size of the installed column is extremely important.

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