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HPLC Ferrules

Here you find a large selection of high quality  HPLC ferrules for liquid chromatography to ensure optimal separation efficiencies. We offer a wide range of  HPLC ferrules by world-leading manufacturers such as Agilent Technologies, Vici Valco, Upchurch Scientific, and many more. Tubing size, pressure requirements, mating nuts and, most importantly, the geometry of the receiving port must be considered when choosing the right ferrule for any given application. Materials such as PEEK, PCTFE, and stainless steel are often used to manufacture ferrules for high pressure applications. Softer polymers, including EFTE and polypropylene, are used primarily in lower-pressure applications. The choice of which ferrule to use in your system will be dependent upon a number of parameters. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

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  1. Agilent Technologies

    1/16 inch SS Fitting, front and back Ferrules, 10 pcs.

    sku: AG5062-2418
  2. Upchurch Scientific

    VHP MicroFerrule PEEK 360µm OD, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPPK-152
  3. Vici Jour

    Ferrule, ETFE, 1/16 , 10/pkg

    sku: JR-041-10
  4. Vici Jour

    Ferrule, ETFE, 1/8 , 10/pkg

    sku: JR-051-10
  5. Vici Jour

    Single Ferrule, PEEK, 1/16 , 5/pkg

    sku: JR-5005-5
  6. Vici Jour

    Ferrule, SS, 1/16 , 316SS

    sku: JR-59
  7. Vici Valco

    Ferrule 1/16, PEEK, 10/PAK,

    sku: VC-ZF1PK-10
  8. Vici Valco

    Ferrule 1/16, Polyimide, Valcon, 5/PAK

    sku: VC-ZF1V-5
  9. Vici Valco

    Ferrule 1/8, Polyimide, Valcon, 5/PAK

    sku: VC-ZF2V-5
  10. Upchurch Scientific

    MicroFerrule 5/16-24 Coned, for 1/32'' OD, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPF-112
  11. Upchurch Scientific

    SealTight Ferrule 10-32-M6 Coned, for 1/16'' OD, 10pc/PAK

    sku: UPF-192X
  12. Upchurch Scientific

    MicroTight Ferrule Plug, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-116
  13. Upchurch Scientific

    VHP MicroFerrule PK 1/32in, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPPK-112
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