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Fittings are screws to connect columns and tubings in HPLC systems. We offer fittings of different materials like PVDF, PEEK and Keel-F. PEEK is usually the most resistant material, suitable for all organic and inorganic solvents and is mostly stable against acids and bases.

We offer fittings by Agilent Technologies, Upchurch, Vici Valco and many other manufacturers. The ferrule simply slides over any tubing to its required position, while the nut is finger tightened. The unique double ended ferrule design seals at two points to prevent leaks.


For more information about fittings please have a look at this product catalogue.

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  1. Vici Jour

    1/16 in x 10-32 Male Nut, PEEK, 5/PAK

    sku: JR-55020-5
  2. Agilent Technologies

    Fitting, SS, front and back Ferrules, 1/16'', 10 pc/PAK

    sku: AG5062-2418
  3. Agilent Technologies

    InfinityLab Quick Turn LC fitting

    sku: AG5067-5966
  4. Agilent Technologies

    Fitting Kit, 1/4in, Brass, 20 pc/PAK

    sku: AG5080-8752
  5. Upchurch Scientific

    MicroTight Sleeve Green .025'' OD x .0155'' ID, 10pc/PAK

    sku: UPF-185X
  6. Upchurch Scientific

    Luer Assembly 1/4-28 Female - Male, PEEK, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-655
  7. Upchurch Scientific

    Luer Adapter 10-32 Female to Female Luer, PEEK, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-659
  8. Upchurch Scientific

    Luer Adapter Female Luer to M6 Female, PEEK, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-660
  9. Upchurch Scientific

    1/4-28 Female to Male Luer Assembly, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-675
  10. Upchurch Scientific

    Luer Adapter Female Luer to 10-32 Male, PEEK, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-719
  11. Upchurch Scientific

    MicroTight Adapter - ZDV - PEEK, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-770
  12. Upchurch Scientific

    VHP Fitting, one-piece, PEEK, for 1/16'' OD, 10 pc/PAK

    sku: UPPK-120BLKX
  13. Upchurch Scientific

    Flangeless fitting PEEK 1/16in, 10 pc/PAK

    sku: UPXP-230X
  14. Agilent Technologies

    High performance guard fitting kit ZORBAX

    sku: AG820999-901
  15. Supelco

    VALCO NUT SS 1/16 PK 10

    sku: SU22990-U
  16. Upchurch Scientific

    Female LuerTight Fitting System for 1/16'' OD, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-835
  17. Vici Jour

    Fitting, PEEK, one-piece black, 10-32, 5/PAK

    sku: JR-55021-5
  18. Vici Jour

    Fitting, PEEK, one-piece red, 10-32, 5/PAK

    sku: JR-55022-5
  19. Vici Jour

    Fitting, PEEK, one-piece blue, 10-32, 5/PAK

    sku: JR-55024-5
  20. Vici Jour

    Fitting, PEEK, one-piece, 10-32, 5/PAK

    sku: JR-5502-5
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