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Safety Caps & Smart Caps - Safety Closures for Bottles

Smart Caps are high quality, flexible connection systems that are placed on bottles and are specifically designed for handling aggressive, gas-forming substances. It can be used as a safe removal system for HPLC solvents for example. Smart Caps have become indispensable for the improvement of safety in the laboratory. Equipped with its own number of connections smart caps are particularly suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. A few of many benefits of Smart Caps are e.g.:

- Increased safety for your laboratory and the health of your employees
- Prevention of the escape of harmful gases or vapors
- Protection of the solvent and i.e. the mobile phase

Below you will find a wide range of Smart Caps in different sizes and designs, each with and without stopcock available. The Smart caps listed here are a cost effective alternative to the products of SCAT-Europe. More information on AIT Safety Caps can be found here.

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Safety Caps

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Smart Healthy Caps - Highest Demand in Terms of Health and Safety at Work

  • made of chemically inert materials
  • no solvent evaporation 
  • the solvent concentration is kept constant over several days
  • no contamination of the solvent and as the mobile phase

Smart Healthy Caps provide secure working without contimination and ensure the basis for reliable and reproducible measurement results.


Safety Caps are formed by airtight caps into a variable number (at least two) are drilled holes. Through one of these holes, the capillary to the solvent reservoir with the (HPLC) connects equipment runs. In a Safety Cap these can be secured by a ferrule, whereby the thin tube will not slip and verhinder same time that air on and may leak toxic gases. In a second hole is an air valve. The valve allows air to flow into the interior of the vessel to compensate for the pressure in solvent removal. The membrane in the interior of the air valve also prevents the escape of solvent vapors and thus protects the user from potentially toxic vapors. Since no escape of the solvent vapors the solvent concentration stays constant over the several days. This solvent is also protected from contamination, which enables reliable and reproducible measurement results.

Smart Caps by AIR France

Safety caps for the laboratory not only bring many benefits but also decrease your costs. In addition to the higher-priced providers on the market, the French company AIT France presents itself as a low cost, quality equivalent alternative. The Smart Caps by AIT France protect the health of your lab personnel and present themselves as fully compatible with other products of S.C.A.T as well as the security closures of other manufacturers. In addition to the cost advantage over S.C.A.T. and other brands they further have the ability to manufacture individually customized products per personal request to adjust the item to your own laboratory requirements.

Consumables for Smart Caps:

Various paper filters such as activated carbon filters and vent valves are consumables and should replaced regularly. In our assortment you will find a wide selection of consumables for Smart Caps, such as activated carbon filters. The regular replacement of consumables allows optimal use of your safety caps,  ensuring not only safety at work, but also provides reliable and reproducible analysis results by avoiding contamination in the solvent, or the mobile phase.