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On Analytics-Shop.com you find HPLC Valves, GC Valves and other Valves by well-known manufacturers like Agilent, Hamilton, Upchurch, SGE,  Vici Valco und Vici Jour and others.

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  1. Agilent Technologies

    Stator face assy for 0101-0921 valve

    sku: AG0100-1851
  2. Agilent Technologies

    Active inlet valve,without cartridge

    sku: AGG1312-60025
  3. Agilent Technologies

    Passive Inlet Valve 1220/1260

    sku: AGG1312-60066
  4. Agilent Technologies

    Outlet Valve 1220/1260

    sku: AGG1312-60067
  5. Agilent Technologies

    Inlet Valve

    sku: AGG4220-60022
  6. Agilent Technologies

    Outlet Valve 1290 Infinity pump

    sku: AGG4220-60028
  7. Upchurch Scientific

    Check Valve Inline Assembly, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPCV-3000
  8. Upchurch Scientific

    Micro-Splitter Valve Assembly 10-32, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-451
  9. Upchurch Scientific

    2-Way Valve, Tefzel, with 1/8'' fittings, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-783
  10. Upchurch Scientific

    Back Pressure regulator (BPR) Cartridge 750 psi, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-795
  11. Upchurch Scientific

    Back Pressure regulator (BPR) Cartridge 1000 psi, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-796
  12. Agilent Technologies

    Purge Valve Long

    sku: AGG1312-60071
  13. Rheodyne

    Adapter, PEEK, 1/8'' to 1/16''

    sku: RY6000-076
  14. Rheodyne

    Bearing Ring

    sku: RY7010-006
  15. Rheodyne

    RPC10 Rotor Seal, 3 GRV, VHP

    sku: RY7123-493
  16. Rheodyne

    Vespel Rotor Seal for 7750

    sku: RY7750-016
  17. Rheodyne

    Needle Port, PEEK

    sku: RY9013
  18. Altmann Analytik

    Piston Seal Wash Seal/Priming Valve Seal

    sku: 063382ASP
  19. Altmann Analytik

    Outlet Check Valve Cartridge

    sku: 240621ASP
  20. Altmann Analytik

    Inlet Check Valve Assembly

    sku: 810-1004ASP
  21. Upchurch Scientific

    Check Valve Inlet, 1/4-28 (Perfluor), 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPCV-3301
  22. Upchurch Scientific

    Check Valve Inlet Non-Metallic - 0,060'' thru hole, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPCV-3324
  23. Upchurch Scientific

    Check Valve Outlet Non-Metallic - 0,060'' thru hole, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPCV-3325
  24. Upchurch Scientific

    Micro-Splitter Valve Assembly 1/4-28, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-450
  25. Upchurch Scientific

    2-Way Valve, Tefzel, with 1/16'' fittings, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPP-782
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Vici Valco Valves for Gas Chromatography

Analytics Shop offers Valco valves that have been the industry standard in gas chromatography for more than 40 years. New designs are smaller and easier to service, but still exhibit the quality and value that made them the industry standard.  Valves are available with 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 ports, with 1/32", 1/16", 1/8", or 1/4" fittings, and with bore sizes from 0.25 mm (.010") to 4 mm (.156"): 

  • 1/32”, 1/16”, 1/8”, or 1/4” Valco ZDV fittings
  • 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 port and internal sample two position versions
  • Five multiposition flowpath configurations with as many as 16 positions
  • A variety of materials for hostile environments and continuous use at elevated temperatures
  • Can be configured for use at temperatures up to 350°C or pressures up to 10,000 psi

In addition, Valco valves offer the widest range of rotor and body materials of any valve available, with alloys and polymer composites capable of meeting virtually any system requirement. Valves can be actuated manually or automated with pneumatic or electric actuators. A complete valve product number includes information about the valve, actuator, and mounting hardware. Valves include stainless steel nuts and ferrules. Medium temperature GC valves have a rotor made of Valco E, a polyaryletherketone/PTFE composite. High temperature GC valves use a polyimide/PTFE/carbon composite designated Valcon T.  Appropriate fittings are supplied with all valves. Valves rated at 1000 psi or less have Type 303 stainless ferrules; those rated above 1000 psi have Type 316 stainless ferrules. A valve ordered with an optional body material is supplied with ferrules of the same material as the body, with Type 316 stainless nuts. Find Valco valves sorted by pressure, temperature, number of ports, actuation, number of positions, bore size and fitting.