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Agilent GC Columns

As the world's largest manufacturer of capillary columns for gas chromatography (GC), Agilent stands for more than 40 years of experience and the highest quality in manufacturing. In 2000, Agilent Technologies acquired J & W Scientific. The Fused Silica GC column technology was developed by Agilent Technologies, while J & W Scientific developed the first stationary phases out of cross-linked polysiloxane. Thanks to the partnership, HP columns and DB columns are now under one name: Agilent.


For more information on choosing the right column or tips and tricks for GC columns, please refer to the GC Column Configurator or contact our team.

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Agilent GC Columns

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Optimal Chromatographic Parameter

Agilent stands for products that are manufactured to exact company-specific templates, ensuring a consistent quality and minimizing downtime during the work process. The GC columns stand for a strong inertness against acids, bases and mixed-functional compounds. Their high reproducibility and low bleeding also speak for excellent products. Column bleed can reduce MS spectral quality, reduce operating times, reduce column life. Agilent J & W columns offer the widest selection of low-lead standard phases, as well as stationary phases with maximum inertness at high temperature limits - especially for Ion Trap MS applications.

All columns also provide tight specifications for retention factors (k) and provide consistent retention and separation. Moreover, they have a high number of theoretical soils per meter and narrow retention indices. This means narrow peaks and improved resolution of closely eluting peaks.

Strict Quality Controls

Agilent's rigorous quality testing ensures reliable qualitative and quantitative results - even for the most demanding separations. For example, at Agilent peak-to-peak ratios are measured for both acids and bases to ensure the highest performance for the widest range of applications. Similarly, peak symmetry and tailing are monitored for a wide range of chemically active substances.

The various Agilent J & W GC column product lines allow you to choose the perfect column for any application:

Ultra-inert columns: for the analysis of acids, bases and other active substances and for trace analysis. The high inertness has a positive effect on the sensitivity, the performance and the integrity of the results.

• High Efficiency Columns: For analyzes where the time factor is critical. This is the case, for example, in high-throughput screening, for monitoring fast processes, for developing methods or for analytes, which require rapid application.

• GC / MS columns with low bleed: These columns, specially developed for trace analysis, are characterized by low column bleed and high inertness even at high temperatures.

• Premium polysiloxane columns: Due to different stationary phases, there are a number of different columns from this product line. They are all characterized by their solid and robust nature.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) columns: These columns with unique phase characteristics are subject to strict guidelines and controls regarding crosslinking and deactivation.

• Special columns: They meet stringent requirements for high-temperature analyzes as well as life science, pesticide and petroleum analyzes, as well as the analysis of heavy and light volatile analytes.

• PLOT columns: Compounds which are gaseous at room temperature can be separated perfectly using these columns. These may be permanent gases, low-molecular hydrocarbon isomers or volatile polymers. Reactive analytes such as gases, amines or hydrides can also be separated with these columns.