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Macherey Nagel GC Columns

For more than a century, the German quality company Macherey-Nagel has not only been building its own paper mill for the production of filtration products, but also produces articles in the fields of rapid test analysis, water analysis, chromatography, bioanalytics, molecular biology and chemical analysis.

In the field of gas chromatography, Macherey-Nagel offers OPTIMA high-performance capillary columns, PERMABOND capillary columns and columns for specific GC separations (i.e., enantiomer separation and Fast GC).

If you have any questions about the products of Macherey Nagel, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to help you.

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Macherey-Nagel GC Columns

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  1. Macherey-Nagel

    GC Capillary Column OPTIMA-5 AM, 0,25 ID, 0,5 µm, 30 m

    sku: MN726354.30
  2. Macherey-Nagel

    FS-column LIPODEX A, 0.25 mm ID, 25 m

    sku: MN723360.25
  3. Macherey-Nagel

    FS-column LIPODEX E, 0,25 mm ID, 25 m

    sku: MN723368.25
  4. Macherey-Nagel

    Retention Gap Me-Sil, 0,32 mm ID, 10 m

    sku: MN723707.10
  5. Macherey-Nagel

    Untreated capillary, 0,25 mm ID, 10 m

    sku: MN723101.10
  6. Macherey-Nagel

    Untreated capillary, 0,25 mm ID, 25 m

    sku: MN723101.25
  7. Macherey-Nagel

    Desakt. cap., CW, 0,25 mm ID, 10 m

    sku: MN723105.10
  8. Macherey-Nagel

    Desakt. cap., CW, 0,25 mm ID, 25 m

    sku: MN723105.25
  9. Macherey-Nagel

    Desakt. cap., Methyl-Sil, 0,25 mm ID, 25

    sku: MN723106.25
  10. Macherey-Nagel

    Desakt.cap.,Phenyl-Sil,0,25 mm ID, 10 m

    sku: MN723108.10
  11. Macherey-Nagel

    Desakt.cap.,Phenyl-Sil,0,25 mm ID, 25 m

    sku: MN723108.25
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The different product lines of Macherey-Nagel

The OPTIMA product line comprises over 20 different types of columns, which differ in their composition and thus in the application. The basic distinctive feature is the polarity of the columns. While OPTIMA 1 columns are those with the lowest polarity, OPTIMA FFAplus columns have the highest polarity. While some column types are quite common (for example, the non-polar standard phase of OPTIMA 5), there are some modifications for very specific applications. For example, OPTIMA 1301 columns are ideal for pesticide analysis, and OPTIMA 225 columns are suitable for fatty acid analysis.

The PERMABOND capillary columns are also obtained in different compositions and thus with different temperature maxima. The non-polar phase of the PERMABOND SE-52 columns has a maximum temperature of 300 ° C for isothermal operations. In the case of the polar phase of the series CW 20 M the maximum is only at 220 ° C. This consists of polyethylene glycol 20000 Dalton and is recommended for the analysis of solvents and alcohols.

Macherey-Nagel special columns are used for specific applications. For example, a column of the LIPODEX series is used for eantiomer separation. A great advantage of the cyclodextrin phase is that many compounds can be analyzed without derivatization. The LIPODEX series contains six different column types (LIPODEX A to G), which are recommended for different substances. A further possibility for enantiomeric separation is the use of HYDRODEX phases. These are, as in the case of LIPODEX, cyclodextrin derivatives, but these are diluted with polysiloxanes.

A further specific application is the Fast-GC. This is characterized by a reduced column diameter, high heating rates and shorter columns. This is all for a faster GC separation and still provides a high resolution and separation performance. Modified columns of the product lines described above serve this purpose. Examples are OPTIMA 17, PERMABOND FFAP or LIPODEX E.

All columns of the respective product lines are available in different dimensions (film thickness and inner diameter).