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Restek GC Columns

Restek is a leading developer and manufacturer of chromatography columns and accessories. The American company provides analysts around the world with the innovative tools they need to monitor the quality of air, water, soil, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and petroleum products. The portfolio of Gas Chromatography columns include the Restek Fused Silica Capillary Columns, Metal (MXT) Capillary Columns, Packed & Micropacked and PLOT Columns.

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Restek GC Columns

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The different product lines from Restek

In general, Restek distinguishes capillaries of two different types: Rtx® and Rxi®. They differ from each other in their preparation and in their different inert properties.

The Fused Silica capillary columns (quartz glass capillary columns) are present in many different compositions, differing in polarity, among other things, and thus recommended for other applications. For example, columns of the Rxi®-5HT series with low-polar phase are used for the analysis of high-temperature applications such as mineral oil. The highly polar Rxi® dioxin2 columns, on the other hand, are very specific and are used for the analysis of toxic dioxins or furans. The medium-polar phase of Rtx®-65 columns are used for the analysis of phenols, fatty acids and triglycerides. This is possible by a highest proportion of phenyl in the cross-linked silicone phases, as a result of which a strong interaction with aromatics can be achieved.

The metal capillary columns also have a variety of different column types. They differ as well as the Fused Silica columns in their composition. MXT-1 columns are, for example, 100% crosslinked dimethyl polysiloxane, are non-polar and have a fairly broad range of applications. In the preparation of the columns, a synthesis step developed by Restek allows catalytic residues to be removed. These might cause increased bleeding or premature decay.

In addition to the fused silica and metal capillary columns, Restek also offers packed or micro-packed columns. These have increased efficiency and increased capacity against the PLOT columns. There are a variety of packing materials, but all are highly inert. In addition, the stainless steel tubes are highly flexible thanks to a Siltek® treatment.

Restek also uses this Siltek-treated stainless steel for many columns of the PLOT series. As a result, they have a consistent character and performance, but offer additional advantages for the process GCs and field instruments. The robust material allows a rough handling and shocks, and can also be rolled to small diameters, making them suitable even in narrow spaces. Also in these series there are further modifications, which give the columns a specific character. Our team will help you find the right column for your application.

Our team will help you find the right column for your application.