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Supelco GC Columns

Supelco™ Analytical developed its first packed GC column in 1966. Shortly thereafter, glass capillary GC columns and quartz GC columns followed. In the 1980s, the first GC column with quartz glass capillaries for special applications was introduced. Since then Supelco has developed an extensive range of leading edge GC columns for special applications in various industries.

At Analytics-Shop you will find more than 500 GC columns from Supelco, including the Astec®, Carbopack®, Supelcowax® and SLB® product lines.

To find the right GC column, you can either filter by column diameter, column length etc. in the menu on the left side of the page, use our very own GC column configurator or contact our team for a personal advice.

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Sigma-Aldrich GC Columns

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  1. Supelco

    GC Column SE-54, LxID: 30m x 0.25 mm

    sku: SU24001
  2. Supelco

    2.4M X 5MM GLASS, 23% CARBOWAX 1500 ON 6

    sku: SUSU851386
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The different product lines of Sigma-Aldrich

The SLB-IL 111 Capillary GC Column serves as an example for a strongly polar column. Their selectivity to non-polar and intermediate phases leads to unique elution patterns. In addition, a maximum temperature of 270 ° C is extremely impressive for a greatly polar phase. It mainly serves to separate polarizable analytes (often including double or triple bonds).

The Equity-1701 Capillary GC Columns serve as an example of a moderately polar column. These polarities are obtained by a substituted cyanopropylphenyl group. These columns are well coupled with ECD, NPD or MSD detectors and are mainly used for the analysis of alcohols, pharmaceuticals or pesticides.

Equity-1 capillary columns, on the other hand, are not polar. The analytes are separated mainly by their boiling point. These columns serve non-specific applications and are useful for general and everyday use.

PLOT columns (Porous Layer Open Tubular), such as the Aluminia KCl PLOT Capillary Column, must be used for specific applications. This is recommended, for example, for the separation of C1-C4 hydrocarbons. Due to the slightly lower polarity of this column than of alumina-sulfate-PLOT acids, a different elution pattern results in the analysis of hydrocarbons. The stationary phase consists of chloride-deactivated aluminum.

SCOT (Support Coated Open Tubular) columns consist of stainless steel tubes whose inner wall is coated with a uniform layer of liquid-coated carrier particles. This technology makes it possible to use many phases that are not accessible to the conventional silica capillary columns.

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