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Precolumns (guard columns) and precolumn Cartridges for HPLC

Separating columns with modern solid phases are critical components of HPLC analysis. It is important to protect these valuable ingredients from contamination to ensure optimal and consistent separation. In order to prolong the "life" of your HPLC columns, it is advisable to use precolumns. Precolumns offer the advantage in HPLC that they also retain molecules which would form an irreversible bond with the column material. The precolumns should be exchanged regularly. A good indication of the time of the exchange is a gradual increase in the back pressure: For more information, see the care and maintenance of HPLC columns. We carry a wide range of solid phase and stainless steel cartridges for HPLC and UHPLC from the best manufacturers.


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Guard Columns

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  1. Macherey-Nagel

    Column Protection System Guard Column Holder

    sku: MN718966
  2. Agilent Technologies

    Cartridge Holder for 4 mm Cartridges 2 pc/PAK

    sku: AG5021-1845
  3. Chiral


    sku: DAIC00081
  4. Macherey-Nagel

    VP Guard column holder 8 mm

    sku: MN718251
  5. Macherey-Nagel

    VP Guard column holder 32 mm (short)

    sku: MN718253
  6. Waters

    Sentry Guard Holder Integrated

    sku: WTWAT046905
  7. Waters

    Sentry Guard Holder Universal

    sku: WTWAT046910
  8. Waters

    HPLC Guard Column SYMMETRY C8 3.5U 2.1X30

    sku: WTWAT058977
  9. Waters

    Guard-Pak Holder

    sku: WTWAT088141
  10. Waters

    Sentry 2.1mm Guard Holder Pkg

    sku: WTWAT097958
  11. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Acclaim SST Guard Cartridge Holder V-2

    sku: TF069580
  12. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Acclaim Guard Kit (Holder and coupler) V-2

    sku: TF069707
  13. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    UNIGUARD Drop-in Holder, 3.0/2.1mm

    sku: TF852-00
  14. Agilent Technologies

    Reliance Guard Cartridge Holder

    sku: AG820565-001
  15. Macherey-Nagel

    VP Guard column holder 16 mm (short

    sku: MN718256
  16. Altmann Analytik

    HPLC Guard Column Holder indirect, 10 x 3 mm

    sku: AAHI-01030
  17. Altmann Analytik

    HPLC Guard Column Holder indirect, 10 x 4 mm

    sku: AAHI-01040
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Consistent Resolution in RP Chromatography

It makes sense to ensure consistent resolution in reverse-phase (RP) chromatography by removing non-polar contaminants, particularly in diagnostics applications and food analysis. With our large selection of stainless steel guard columns and stationary phases, we can meet your needs for HPLC hardware and consumables.

Whenever consistent resolution and reproducibility are required, e.g. in samples from biological matrices, our customers can select from a wide variety of bonded solid phases. From food analysis to forensic toxicology, the routine for every chromatographic method is to use column guards to protect your investment and to ensure consistent operations at only a fraction of the cost for a new HPLC or UHPLC column.

When using HPLC guard columns to protect the columns, a column holder is required. The following diagrams show you the connection possibilities when you need a precolumn to an HPLC column (column connectors have to be ordered separately):

Wide Range of Manufacturers:

We offer all trusted brands, such as Agilent Technologies, Chiral, Grace, Macherey Nagel and Sielc. As a cost-effective alternative, we carry a large selection of our own high quality brand Altmann Analytik.