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Precolumns (guard columns) and precolumn cartridges for HPLC

Separation columns with modern solid phases are critical components of the HPLC system. Careful handling and protection against impurities is necessary to ensure optimum and consistent separation results. In order to extend the life of your HPLC columns, it is advisable to use guard columns. They are able to remove molecules which would form an irreversible bond with the material of the analytical column. Guard coloumns need to be changed on a regular basis. A good indication on when to change a precolumn is a gradual increase in the back pressure. For more information on the storage and maintenance of HPLC column, click here.

We carry a wide range of solid phase and stainless steel cartridges for HPLC and UHPLC.

Click here for more Information on guard columns.

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Guard Columns

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  1. Macherey-Nagel

    Column Protection System Guard Column Holder

    sku: MN718966
  2. Chiral


    sku: DAIC00081
  3. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    HPLC Guards Accucore Defender 150-C4 10x2.1mm, 2.6µm, 4/PAK

    sku: TF16526-012105
  4. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    HPLC guard cartridge 10x4mm 2.4um BDS C18

    sku: TF28102-014001
  5. Waters

    Sentry Guard Holder Integrated

    sku: WTWAT046905
  6. Waters

    Sentry Guard Holder Universal

    sku: WTWAT046910
  7. Waters

    Guard-Pak Holder

    sku: WTWAT088141
  8. Waters

    Sentry 2.1mm Guard Holder Pkg

    sku: WTWAT097958
  9. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Acclaim SST Guard Cartridge Holder V-2

    sku: TF069580
  10. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Acclaim Guard Kit (Holder and coupler) V-2

    sku: TF069707
  11. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    UNIGUARD Drop-in Holder, 3.0/2.1mm

    sku: TF852-00
  12. Altmann Analytik

    HPLC Guard Column Holder indirect, 10 x 3 mm

    sku: AAHI-01030
  13. Altmann Analytik

    HPLC Guard Column Holder indirect, 10 x 4 mm

    sku: AAHI-01040
  14. Waters

    Cartridge Column Holder 2.1x20mm

    sku: WT186000262
  15. Waters

    HPLC VanGuard Cartridge Holder

    sku: WT186007949
  16. Agilent Technologies

    HPLC Guard Column Bio SEC-3, 300Å, 3 µm, 7,8 x 50 mm

    sku: AG5190-2515
  17. Agilent Technologies

    HPLC Guard Column Bio SEC-5, 500Å, 5 µm, 7,8 x 50 mm

    sku: AG5190-2535
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Connecting HPLC column with precolumn holder (direct and indirect coupling)

If you want to protect your column from contamination by connecting a precolumn cartridge upstream, you always need a precolumn holder as well. At Analytics-Shop you will find HPLC precolumns from all well-known manufacturers, from Agilent Technologies and Chiral to Macherey-Nagel, Merck, Thermo Scientific, Waters and Whatman. High quality and at the same time very affordable alternatives of precolumns and columns are products of our house brand Altmann Analytik.

Indirect pre-column holders are compatible with the common columns of all manufacturers. For this you need an additional column connector as an intermediate piece between column and pre-column holder. The following graphic shows the connection possibilities if you need a pre-column for an HPLC column (column connectors must be ordered separately):


Selecting precolumns of the appropriate length for HPLC columns

In general, the length of the precolumn should not exceed 10 percent of the column. We therefore recommend

- for columns with length up to 50 mm: precolumns with length 5 mm
- for columns with length from 60 mm to 199 mm: precolumns with length 10 mm
- for columns with length of 200 mm and larger: precolumns with length 20 mm