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HPLC Columns

Quality HPLC columns are essential for optimal resolution in laboratory analysis. Analytics-shop.com offers a wide range of  30,000 HPLC columns from well-known brands and manufacturers including our own, cost-effective Altmann HPLC columns.

Choose your own type of HPLC column from a variety of bonded phases according to your analytical parameters and requirements:

Material: Amino, C8, C18, Cyano, Diol, Phenyl, Silica etc.
Pore Size: 25 Å - 10000 Å
Partice Size: 1.5 µm - 300 µm
Manufacturer: Agilent, Grace, Chiral, Hamilton, Vici Jour etc.

To compare columns of different manufacturers, use our very own HPLC column configurator. For consistent chromatographic performance in regulated GLP/GMP environments, please refer to the universal USP-Code. Our online store is also a convenient source of  HPLC spare parts.

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HPLC Columns


HPLC Column Manufacturers and their Packing Materials

The following table shows the best-known HPLC column brands and their respective packing materials.


Manufacturer Packing Material
Chiral Chiralpak SFC Chiralpak Chiralcel Crownpak    
Grace Alltima Alltima HP Econosphere Grom Vydac Vision
Hamilton RCX HXSil PRP      
Macherey-Nagel Nucleodur Nucleoshell Nucleosil Nucleogel LiChrospher  
Whatman Partsil PartiSphere