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One of the most important analytical methods of measurement is HPLC column chromatography. Therefore the analytics-shop.com offers a wide range of all producers, that are reknown for high quality products. Also part of these are Halo HPLC columns of Advanced Materials TechnologyHalo® columns deliver over 50% more separating power (theoretical plates) than a column of the same length packed with 3.5 μm particles and more than twice the plates of a column packed with 5 μm particles.

The HPLC columns offered in the shop are available in different configurations. 


If you have any questions concerning Halo HPLC column, please contact us personally or use our HPLC column configurator. Furthermore you gain 2 % online discount for all products.

For more information about Halo HPLC columns please click here. 

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Advanced Materials Technology HPLC Columns

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Halo HPLC Columns

The packing material „Halo“ by Advanced Materials Technology is based on the Fused-Core Particle Technology, that has been developed for ultra rapid separations at low back pressure.
The core particle has a diameter of 1,7 μm and has a 0,5 μm porous shell that surrounds it. The new 5 μm particles (3,8 μm core and 0,6 μm shell) allow lower back pressure and thus the use of ordinary HPLC equipments.

Particle Size
in µm 
Pore Size
in Å 
C18 2.7, 5 90 2 - 9
C8 2.7, 5  90  2 - 9 
PFP 2.7, 5  90   
Hilic 2.7  90   
RP-Amide 2.7  90   
Penta Hilic 2.7  90  2 - 9 
Phenyl-Hexyl 2.7 90   

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