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HiChrom HPLC Columns

HiChrom™ is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of HPLC, UHPLC and related accessories. The acquisition of the HPLC divisions of Grace, Whatman and Beckman Coulter in particular enabled the British manufacturer to strengthen its importance for the worldwide production of HPLC columns.

HiChrom not only successfully produces brands of other former HPLC column manufacturers such as Vydac, Alltima, Prevail and Allsep Ion Exchange, which you can also find in at Analytics-Shop, but also its own. For example, HiChrom offers C8 and C18 HPLC columns, which offer users robustness, advanced bonding technology, comprehensive batch validation and longevity, which in turn contributes to the best possible reproducibility of results. Chiral HPLC columns are also available from HiChrom. The columns are available in various configurations.

In order to find the desired column faster and easier, please use our HPLC column configurator.

Phases: Hichrom, Ultrasphere

Package specification: C8, C18, Cyano, C8/C18 etc.

Particle size: 3,0 µm, 3,5 µm, 5,0 µm, 10,0 µm

If you have any questions about HiChrom HPLC columns, please contact our product experts. They will be happy to assist you.

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HiChrom HPLC Columns

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