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Detector Lamps for Chromatography

Analytics-Shop offers a wide range of detector lamps for chromatography. Choose deuterium lamps and VIS (tungsten) lamps from many well-known manufacturers such as Agilent Technologies, Heraeus Noblelight or our very own matching quality brand Altmann Analytik. We offer consumables and accessories for UV / VIS spectroscopy as well. Our experienced staff can help you find the right lamps. Please do not hesitate to contact us,if you need any assistance.

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Deuterium Lamps in Chromatography

Deuterium detector lamps deliver an almost continuous spectrum of light from the UV wavelength range (185-400 nm) to the visible spectral range (400-800 nm). They are mainly used as an ultraviolet light source for analysis purposes, such as in UV-visible spectroscopy or high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC).

VIS Lamps in the Laboratory

Ultraviolet and visible light (UV / VIS) excite electrons. For organic substances only unsaturated systems can be excited by UV / VIS spectroscopy. The UV / VIS spectroscopy is therefore a method for the detection of unsaturated organic substances. A detailed analysis of the UV / VIS spectra provides information about the bonds in the molecule and is very fast very demanding.