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In addition to nutrient media and test strips, various devices are used in the dairy industry. These include e.g. equipment for growing microorganisms under anaerobic conditions, accessories for continuous annealing of eyelets, incubators as well as heaters and more.

We offer you high-quality anaerobic containers by Dinkelberg analytics. They are very suitable for the enrichment of anaerobic, microaerophilic or CO2-dependent organisms under oxygen-free conditions. They are characterized by their clear, thick-walled glass made of PVC as well as a robust, stable construction. Equipped with easy removable cover, O-ring seal and central locking. Furthermore the anaerobic containers have a removable stand for the gassing of bottles and culture media.

In addition, you will find high-performance lab homogenizers by the French company Interscience, which are characterized by their easy handling. For this purpose we offer matching homogenization bags for the respective devices.

We offer a selection of vaccination loop burners and germ counters, hygienic control devices as well as air germ collectors from various manufacturers.

Also from the manufacturer Dinkelberg analytics a number of high-quality, reliable incubators are available. Lastly you will receive a selection of brewing and heating cabinets from Memmert, Bunsen burner by Hecht and Bochem as well as first-class microscopes from the manufacturer Krüss.

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Devices for Microbiology

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  1. Merck

    Air-sampler System MAS-100 NT

    sku: MC1091910001
  2. Agilent Technologies

    Ceramic Homogenizers, 50ml tubes,100 pcs.

    sku: AG5982-9313
  3. Merck

    HY-LiTE Sampling pens, 50 Units

    sku: MC1301020021
  4. Merck

    Glass beads 2 mm, 500 g

    sku: MC1040140500
  5. Merck

    Tube-Adapter for MAS 100 Airsampler

    sku: MC1092240001
  6. Agilent Technologies

    Ceramic Homogenizers, 2ml tubes,200 pcs.

    sku: AG5982-9311
  7. Agilent Technologies

    Ceramic Homogenizers, 15ml tubes, 100 pcs.

    sku: AG5982-9312
  8. Merck

    HY-LiTE Replacement paper roll for printer

    sku: MC1301100205
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