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In the field of microbiology, petri dishes, part of the basic equipment for each laboratory, are used for a variety of tests and applications.

In the Analytics shop you will find a number of petri, contact and germ count plates for various applications. All shells are made of highly heat-resistant polysterol and are also available with radiation sterilization (on request). Furthermore, you will get cell culture dishes with the following characteristics:

+ with or without venting lugs

+ Good stackability

+ various sizes & diameters

+ Graduation & subdivision in 10-mm-squares possible

+ some dishes also available as macro plates

Aside from the petri dishes of the manufacturer Greiner Bio-One, you will find sealing films and cutters from Brand in this category. If you have any questions about the products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Petri dishes

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In microbiology petri dishes are particularly used when working with nutrient media. They are part of the basic equipment of a modern laboratory and are needed for a variety of applications - but not every kind of petri dish is suitable for every application. Between the different industries and fields of application, lab users should clarify some questions before purchasing the product:


✔ What size does the surface need to be? → Petri dishes can be found in different sizes 35, 60, 94, 100 and 145 mm diameter.

✔ What is the temperature of the agar? → When working with hot agar, it is essential that the petri dishes are made of durable material. In the Analytics-Shop, you will find exclusively robust petri dishes made of heat-resistant polysterol.

✔ Is a good gas exchange required? → In this case the choice falls on petri dishes with venting lobes.

✔ How many parameters must be observed at the same time? → For the simultaneous investigation of various parameters, petri dishes with two or three separated compartments are suitable.

✔ Is the petri dish used for germ counting? → For this application petri dishes with subdivable 10 mm squares are suitable for a rapid evaluation.

✔ Is the petri dish required for hygienic control? → Above all, contact clamps are used, which are also available with dividers and ventilation lugs.