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In the dairy industry, moisture analyzers are used for moisture measurement in liquid and pasty products. The moisture analyzer MA37 from the german manufacturer Sartorius is used in milk chambers. It displays reproducible, accurate results within minutes. High-end devices are available on request. Cups and glass fiber products are always in stock.

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Moisture Analysis

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  1. Sartorius

    Mark3 HP Moisture Analyzer

    sku: STLMA100-SET-P
  2. Whatman

    Moisture Test, 90 mm, 100 pc/pak

    sku: WH5401-090E
  3. Sartorius

    Infrared Moisture Analyzer, thermograv.

    sku: STMA100C-000115V1
  4. Sartorius

    Infrared Moisture Analyzer, thermograv.

    sku: STMA100H-000115V1
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