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The pH measurement is an everyday part of the laboratory work in the dairy industry: aside from the weighing and temperature measurements it is one of the three most frequently measured variables in the laboratory. In this catalog you will find a selection of instruments and accessories for the pH measurement of the renowned manufacturers Mettler Toledo, Macherey-Nagel, Merck, WTW and Knick. As a premium partner of Mettler-Toledo, we offer you a wide range of products from this manufacturer and advise you extensively on measuring instruments, suitable electrodes and the appropriate cables.

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PH Measurement

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  1. WTW

    AS/DIN connection cable

    sku: WW108110
  2. Mettler-Toledo

    InLab cable S7-BNC 1.2m

    sku: MR30281915
  3. Mettler-Toledo

    Electrode accessories im sachets pH 7,00

    sku: MR51302047
  4. Mettler-Toledo

    Electrode accessories in sachets pH 4,01

    sku: MR51302069
  5. Mettler-Toledo

    Electrode accessories in sachets pH 9,21

    sku: MR51302070
  6. Mettler-Toledo

    KCl 3M Electrolyte, 6X250mL

    sku: MR51350080
  7. Mettler-Toledo

    Cleaning solution pepsin/HCL (250 ml)

    sku: MR51350100
  8. Mettler-Toledo

    Seven2Go pH/mV Meter S2-Meter Seven2Go

    sku: MR30207949
  9. Mettler-Toledo

    Seven2Go pH/mV Meter S2-Food kit

    sku: MR30207952
  10. Mettler-Toledo

    InLab cable MultiPin-DIN/4mm 1.2m

    sku: MR30281911
  11. Mettler-Toledo

    InLab cable S7-DIN 1.2m

    sku: MR30281919
  12. Mettler-Toledo

    Elektrolyte FRISCOLYT-B (250 ml)

    sku: MR51350076
  13. Mettler-Toledo

    FiveEasy Benchtop F20 pH/mV Standard Kit

    sku: MR30266626
  14. Mettler-Toledo

    FiveGo, F2-Food Kit

    sku: MR30266881
  15. Mettler-Toledo

    InLab cable MultiPin-BNC/RCA 1.2m

    sku: MR30281896
  16. Whatman

    Indicator paper, roll, pH range 1-11

    sku: WH10362030
  17. Mettler-Toledo

    SevenCompact S210-Kit SevenCompact

    sku: MR30130863
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