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Determination of the specific weight or density

The determination of the weight or density of a sample is a common procedure in an industrial dairy laboratory. For this purpose a hydrometer is used. The hydrometer is a measuring device for the determination of the density of liquids and is often used in the field of milk analysis. We offer you a hydrometer including a frame from the manufacturer Geco Gering as well as the practical racks from Dinkelberg analytics in order for a successful weight or density measurement.

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Weight/Density Measurement

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  1. Mettler-Toledo

    Handheld Density Meter Densito

    sku: MR30330857
  2. Mettler-Toledo

    Handheld Density Meter DensitoPro

    sku: MR30330858
  3. Mettler-Toledo

    Demo Kit, DensitoPro

    sku: MR30330862
  4. Mettler-Toledo

    EasyDirect Density and Refractometry

    sku: MR30451628
  5. Mettler-Toledo

    Protective Cover

    sku: MR30330860
  6. Mettler-Toledo

    USB-C Cable for Mettler Densito and DensitoPro

    sku: MR30449253
  7. Mettler-Toledo

    Power Supply and worldwide adapters

    sku: MR30449255
  8. Mettler-Toledo

    Battery LiIon 2400mAh

    sku: MR30330855
  9. Mettler-Toledo

    Tags SmartSample, 10 pcs

    sku: MR30449268
  10. Mettler-Toledo

    Tags SmartSample Film for Tanks, 10 pcs

    sku: MR30449269
  11. Mettler-Toledo

    Carrying Case for Mettler Densito and DensitoPro

    sku: MR30330861
  12. Mettler-Toledo

    Bluetooth Dongle

    sku: MR30330863
  13. Mettler-Toledo

    Bluetooth Printer Godex with Dongle

    sku: MR30330864
  14. Mettler-Toledo

    Bluetooth Printer Paper

    sku: MR30330865
  15. Mettler-Toledo

    Piston Pump and Glass Cylinder

    sku: MR30330849
  16. Mettler-Toledo

    Pump Cap

    sku: MR30330851
  17. Mettler-Toledo

    Locking Screw

    sku: MR30330852
  18. Mettler-Toledo

    Connector Syringe/Filling Tube

    sku: MR30330853
  19. Mettler-Toledo

    Battery Cap

    sku: MR30330854
  20. Mettler-Toledo

    Packaging Box

    sku: MR30460112
  21. Mettler-Toledo

    Syringes, 10 mL, 100 pcs

    sku: MR51338100
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