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Deuterium Lamp (D2) for Jasco V-xxx, Micronal, Shimadzu AA/UV-Vis

Deuterium Lamp (D2) for Jasco V-xxx, Micronal, Shimadzu AA/UV-Vis

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Heraeus Noblelight

Deuterium Lamp (D2) for Jasco V-xxx, Micronal, Shimadzu AA/UV-Vis

Manufacturer: Heraeus Noblelight
item no.: HN80033591

PAK (1 pc)


You will receive a new lamp, should this lamp not live up to the guaranteed life time.

You can use this Deuterium Lamp, type WL24443A, for the the following devices of manufacturer: Jasco, Micronal, Shimadzu
for devices: Micronal, AA-Vis, UV-Vis, V-530, V-550, V-630, V-630 Bio, V-650, V-660, V-670, B582, AA-6200, AA-6300, AA-6500, AA-670, AA-6701, AA-670G, AA-6800, CS-9000, CS-920, CS-930, D300L, MPS-2000, UV-120, UV-1200 Series, UV-120-01, UV120-02, UV-1201, UV-140, UV-150, UV-160, UV-1600 Series, UV-160A, UV-1700 Series, UV-180, UV-1800 Series, UV-190, UV-200, UV-202, UV-210, UV-2100 Series, UV-2101, UV-210A, UV-240, UV-2400, UV-2401PC, UV-2450, UV-250, UV-2500, UV-2501PC, UV-2550, UV-260, UV-2600, UV-265, UV-2700, UV-3000 Series, UV-3001 Series, UV-3100 Series, UV-3101 Series, UV-350, UV-3600, UV-365, UV-370, UV-3700, UV-625, UV-mini-1240, UV-mini-1240

Additional Information

Manufacturer Heraeus Noblelight
category Deuterium Lamps
device model Jasco V 630 Bio, Jasco V 670, Jasco V-530, Jasco V-550, Jasco V-630, Jasco V-650, Jasco V-660, Micronal B582, Shimadzu AA-6200, Shimadzu AA-6300, Shimadzu AA-6500, Shimadzu AA-670, Shimadzu AA-6701, Shimadzu AA-670G, Shimadzu AA-6800, Shimadzu AA-Vis, Shimadzu CS-9000, Shimadzu CS-920, Shimadzu CS-930, Shimadzu D300L, Shimadzu MPS-2000, Shimadzu UV120-02, Shimadzu UV-120, Shimadzu UV 1200 Series, Shimadzu UV 1201, Shimadzu UV-120-01, Shimadzu UV-140, Shimadzu UV-150, Shimadzu UV-160, Shimadzu UV-1600 Series, Shimadzu UV-160A, Shimadzu UV 1700 Series, Shimadzu UV-180, Shimadzu UV 1800 Series, Shimadzu UV-190, Shimadzu UV-200, Shimadzu UV-202, Shimadzu UV-210, Shimadzu UV-2100 Series, Shimadzu UV-2101, Shimadzu UV-210A, Shimadzu UV-240, Shimadzu UV-2400, Shimadzu UV-2401PC, Shimadzu UV-2450, Shimadzu UV-250, Shimadzu UV-2500, Shimadzu UV-2501PC, Shimadzu UV-2550, Shimadzu UV-260, Shimadzu UV-2600, Shimadzu UV-265, Shimadzu UV-2700, Shimadzu UV-3000 Series, Shimadzu UV-3001 Series, Shimadzu UV-3100 Series, Shimadzu UV-3101 Series, Shimadzu UV-350, Shimadzu UV-3600, Shimadzu UV-365, Shimadzu UV-370, Shimadzu UV-3700, Shimadzu UV-625, Shimadzu UV-mini-1240, Shimadzu UV-Vis
Manufacturer of device Jasco, Micronal, Shimadzu
guaranteed lifetime 1000 h

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