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Deuterium Lamp (D2) SD 3651-04 J for EM Science, Hitachi, Hitachi/PerkinElmer, Varian

Deuterium Lamp (D2) SD 3651-04 J for EM Science, Hitachi, Hitachi/PerkinElmer, Varian

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Heraeus Noblelight

Deuterium Lamp (D2) SD 3651-04 J for EM Science, Hitachi, Hitachi/PerkinElmer, Varian

Manufacturer: Heraeus Noblelight
item no.: HN80056072

PAK (1 pc)


You will receive a new lamp, should this lamp not live up to the guaranteed life time.

You can use this Deuterium Lamp, type SD 3651-04 J, for the following devices::

  • EM Science: alle Modelle
  • Hitachi: 150-20, 181, 200, 220, 220A, 300, 330, 330LC, 340, 2000, 3200, 655A22, 5410 UV Chromaster, 5420UV-Vis Chromaster, 5430 DAD Chromaster, L-2000, L-2500, L-3000, L-4000, L-4200, L-4225, L-4250, L-4500, L-4720, L-7400, L-7420, L-7450, L-7455_dad, L-2400LCE, L-2420LCE,L-2450. L-2455 DAD (LaChrom Elite), L-3200, U-1000, U-1100, U-1500, U-2000, U-2001, U-3010, U-3200, U-3210, U-3310, U-3410, U-3501, U-4000, U-4001, U-4010, U-4100, UL-1100 (OEM-Number: J 38-4017, 885-1000, 892-2550)
  • Hitachi/PerkinElmer: 124, 200, 320, 329, 330 LC, 340, 556, 557 (OEM-Number: 239-0354, 885-1000)
  • PerkinElmer - Lambda EZ150, Lambda EZ201, Lambda EZ210 (OEM-Number: C0550505, C6957529)
  • Varian: Prostar 330

Additional Information

Manufacturer Heraeus Noblelight
category Deuterium Lamps
device model Hitachi 200, Hitachi 330LC, Hitachi L 2400LCE, Hitachi L 2420LCE, Hitachi L 2450, Hitachi L-2455 Dad Lachrom Elite , Hitachi L 2500, Hitachi L 3000, Hitachi L 3200, Hitachi L 4000, Hitachi L 4200, Hitachi L 4225, Hitachi L 4250, Hitachi L 4500, Hitachi L 4720, Hitachi L 7400, Hitachi L 7420, Hitachi L 7450, Hitachi L 7455 Dad, Merck Hitachi 150-20, Merck Hitachi 181, Merck Hitachi 220, Merck Hitachi 220A, Merck Hitachi 300, Merck Hitachi 330, Merck Hitachi 5410 Uv Chromaster, Merck Hitachi 5420 UV Vis Chromaster, Merck Hitachi 5430 DAD Chromaster, Merck Hitachi 655A22, Merck Hitachi L 2000, Merck Hitachi L 2000, Merck Hitachi L 3200, Merck Hitachi U 1000, Merck Hitachi U 1100, Merck Hitachi U 1500, Merck Hitachi U 2000, Merck Hitachi U 2001, Merck Hitachi U 3010, Merck Hitachi U 3200, Merck Hitachi U 3210, Merck Hitachi U 3310, Merck Hitachi U 3410, Merck Hitachi U 3501, Merck Hitachi U 4000, Merck Hitachi U 4001, Merck Hitachi U 4010, Merck Hitachi U 4100, Perkinelmer Hitachi 124, Perkinelmer Hitachi 320, Perkinelmer Hitachi 329, Perkinelmer Hitachi 340, Perkinelmer Hitachi 556, Perkinelmer Hitachi 557, Perkinelmer Lambda EZ150, Perkinelmer Lambda EZ201, PerkinElmer Lambda EZ210, U 999, UL 1100, Varian Prostar 330
Manufacturer of device EM Science, Hitachi, PerkinElmer, Varian
guaranteed lifetime 1000 h

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