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Besides filter products like syringe filters, membranes or filter papers as well as suction filters and filter apparatuses the analytics-shop.com offers a large range of filtration accessoires. Among others sleeve for filter crucibles by Duran, as well as many other high quality products e.g. filter disks and filter candles. If there are any questions concerning our filter products, please contact us to advise you.

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Filtration Accessories

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  1. Waters

    All Glass Filter Holder, 47 mm complete

    sku: WTWAT200543
  2. Whatman

    VP 003 Electrical vacuum and pressure pump

    sku: WH10470300
  3. Whatman

    PZ 001 Tweezers, stainless steel

    sku: WH10477602
  4. Hirschmann

    Round filter- set (50 pieces)

    sku: HI9903705
  5. Hirschmann

    Round filter- set (100 pieces)

    sku: HI9903706
  6. Whatman

    MV 050/0/10 RUBBERSTOPPER FOR SF100+WT100

    sku: WH10446006
  7. Whatman

    ML 050/0/03 Steel frit with ring

    sku: WH10464103
  8. Whatman

    SV 006 Vacuum tubing, 1 meter length

    sku: WH10471700
  9. Whatman

    MD 050/0/12 CONNECTOR Z1 quick release

    sku: WH10453001
  10. Upchurch Scientific

    MicroFilter Tubing & Ferrule Assembly, 1pc/PAK

    sku: UPM-500-04
  11. Duran Group

    DURAN Filter discs, POR.3, D. 55 mm

    sku: DU251555305
  12. Agilent Technologies

    1100 Quat/ALS Stay-Fit Maintenance Pack

    sku: AG01100-68000
  13. Agilent Technologies

    1100 Quat/ALS/VWD Stay-Fit Maint. Pack

    sku: AG01100-68001
  14. Agilent Technologies

    1100 Bin/ALS Stay-Fit Maintenance Pack

    sku: AG01100-68002
  15. Agilent Technologies

    1100 Bin/ALS/DAD Stay-Fit Maint. Pack

    sku: AG01100-68003
  16. Agilent Technologies

    1100 Quat/WPS Stay-Fit Maintenance Pack

    sku: AG01100-68004
  17. Agilent Technologies

    1100 Quat/WPS/VWD Stay-Fit Maint. Pack

    sku: AG01100-68005
  18. Agilent Technologies

    1100 Bin/WPS Stay-Fit Maintenance Pack

    sku: AG01100-68006
  19. Agilent Technologies

    1100 Bin/WPS/DAD Stay-Fit Maint. Pack

    sku: AG01100-68007
  20. Macherey-Nagel

    CHROMAFIL filtration cartridges GF, 3 ml, 1.0 µm, 100 pc

    sku: MN730517.3100
  21. Macherey-Nagel

    CHROMAFIL filtration cartridges GF, 6 ml, 1.0 µm, 100 pc

    sku: MN730517.6100
  22. Pall Corporation

    Adapter Sentino Mag Funnel, UoM: 1, 1/PAK

    sku: PA4283
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Glasfilters of Duran - Filter Disks and Filter Candles

These established glass filters of Duran are characertized by a porous medium for filtration both for analytical and preparative labour work. The product range of this high quality porous material ranges from standard filter disks, filter disks with holes or on a glass ring to filter candles.
Filter products of Duran are featured by non-melded and centered processing. Furthermore the surface is untreated. The high capacity of the materials used can be ensured by the Duran specific Hartsinter processing. The following table gives an overview of the different porosity classes of Duran.

Porosity  P0 P1 P2 P3 P4 P5  
ISO 4793 
P 250 P 160 P 100 P 40 P 16 P 1.6  
max Pore Range
160 - 250 100 - 160 40 - 160  16 - 40   1.6 - 16  1.0 - 1.6  

If you require intermediate sizes, divergent dimensions, geometry or porosity, which are not included in the standard product range, you can also contact us personally.


Sleeves for Filter Crucibles

Gummi sleeves are used to ensure vacuum impervious between filter crucibles and venture. These products are available from Duran and Deutsch & Neumann. Sleeves for filter crucibles of Duran are manufactured out of EP (Ethylen-Propylen-Ter-Polymer) and can be sterilized up to +180 °C. The diameters range from 26 mm to 49 mm.
On the contrary sleeves for filter crucibles of Deutsch & Neumann are made out of gummi elasticum. the outer diameter of these products can be choosen between 26 mm and 49 mm. In the following table shows the different dimensions of the sleeves from Deutsch & Neumann.

Inner Diameter [mm] Outer Diameter [mm] Height [mm]            
20 26 15
25 33 15
34 41 15
41 49 15


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