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The analytics-shop.com offers filtration apparatuses from all renown producers like Thermo Scientific, IDL, Duran. Products of Thermo Scientific are distributed as Nalgene Rapid-Flow Filters. These filters are available in different membran materials, e.g. PES, CA, CN, etc. Additionally, we provide the new EZ Fit Filtration series by Merck Millipore. If you have any questions concerning any manufacturer of filtration apparatuses, please contact us personally. Our specially trained expert staff delight to help you finding the right filter.

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Filtration Apparatuses

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  1. Whatman

    GV100/0/02 Lower part, for GV100-series

    sku: WH10443002
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Thermo Scientific - Nalgene Rapid-Flow Sterile Disposable Bottle Top Filters

Nalgene Rapid-Flow sterile disposable bottle top filters are used to perform sterile filtration of cell culture media, serum, additives and buffers. These filters feature fast flow rates, a high throughput for increased filtration efficiency and exclusive Rapid-Flow support plate design. Furthermore all materials are non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic. Sterilization is performed with gamma radiation. Thereby every filters is individually bagged for a 5-year sterile shelf life.

Nalgene Rapid-Flow Sterile Disposable Bottle Top Filters

Pore Size            
CN 115, 150 0.2, 0.45, 0.8
Nylon 150, 250, 500 0.2, 0.45
PES 115, 150, 250, 500  0.45
SFCA 115, 150, 500 0.2, 0.45

Thermo Scientific - Nalgene Rapid-Flow Bottle-Top-Filter

Pore Size
Bottleneck size
PES 150, 500 0.2, 0.45 33, 45
SFCA 150, 500 0.2, 0.45 33, 45


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