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Lab Aids

In the following pages, you find a variety of lab aids for daily work. It’s the small thing we tend to forget and only notice their absence, when we really need them: plastic films, bags, spatulas, spoons and shovels as well as forcipes, hoses, knives, scissors and scalpels. 

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Lab Aids


Tweezers and Forcipes

Tweezers and foripes are essential when handling very small objects or small amounts of samples that should not be touched due to toxicity or for hygienic reasons. Among our assortment of ca. 200 autocalvable tweezers and forcipes, the ideal lab aid for all needs is available: we offer forceps with or without guide-pin and self-closing forceps as well as blunt forceps and extra sharp precision forceps.

Stopcocks & Valves

We offer diverse stopcocks and valves at Analytics-Shop.com, e.g. high vacuum valves for exact dosing and PTFE valves for greaseless analyses. 2- and 3-way-stopcocks by BOLA are available with different diameters of hose connectors. Glass valves by Duran may be an interesting alternative: borosilicate glass is extraordinary robust and temperature resistant.

Test Sieves and Test Sieve Shakers

A constant particle size distribution is of high importance for a steady product quality – with our assortment of test sieves and test sieve shakers easy, rapid, reproducible and, above all, accurate analyses are no problem. The quality products e.g. by Retsch have a permanently tight sieve fabric due to innovative tensioning technology. The test sieve shakers automatically control and document the procedures and enable comparable sieving results.