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Lab aids are indispensable in the every-day lab-routine. Useful accessories like clips and clamps are needed to fix test apparatus, to separate pipes and tubing and for many more applications. For a smooth production flow in your laboratory, we provide all relevant equipment and lab aids: find here a wide range of tubing clamps, 3- or 4-finger-clamps, mounting clips and many more clips and clamps by renowned manufacturers like Bochem, Hammacher or Rettberg.

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Clips & Clamps

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  1. Bochem

    Universal clamp 18/10-Steel Universal clamp 18/10-Steel

    Regular Price: $160.73

    Special Price $160.72

    sku: BO5425
  2. Bochem

    3 finger clamp, clamping width 0...30mm

    sku: BOB08303033
  3. Bürkle

    stop-it hose clamp metal, Schlauch-Ø to 30mm

    sku: BÜ8619-0530
  4. Ohaus

    Clamp, Rod, Aluminum 15 cm, CLR-RODA015

    sku: OH30392273
  5. Ohaus

    Clamp, Rod, Aluminum 61 cm, CLR-RODA061

    sku: OH30392276
  6. Bochem

    Mounting clip/Reducer 18/10 steel, d=26,9mm

    Regular Price: $171.17

    Special Price $171.16

    sku: BO550
  7. Bochem

    3-Finger-clamp, clamping width 0-125mm

    Regular Price: $150.83

    Special Price $150.82

    sku: BO5566
  8. Bochem

    Support clip diam. 25 - 28 mm

    sku: BO590
  9. Bochem

    Support clip diam. 31 - 35 mm

    Regular Price: $77.98

    Special Price $77.97

    sku: BO591
  10. Bochem

    Support clip diam. 40 - 44 mm

    sku: BO592
  11. Bochem

    Support clip diam. 54 - 58 mm

    sku: BO593
  12. Bochem

    Support clip diam. 58 - 61 mm

    sku: BO594
  13. Bochem

    Support clip diam. 73 - 78 mm

    sku: BO595
  14. Bochem

    Support clip diam. 85 - 90 mm

    Regular Price: $123.28

    Special Price $123.27

    sku: BO596
  15. Bochem

    Support clip diam. 100 - 104 mm

    sku: BO597
  16. Bochem

    Support clip diam. 108 - 115 mm

    sku: BO598
  17. Bochem

    Support clip diam. 125 - 130 mm

    Regular Price: $148.44

    Special Price $148.43

    sku: BO599
  18. Bochem

    Support clip diam. 133 - 140 mm

    sku: BO600
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Laboratory Clamps

Various sorts of clamps are available, e.g. clamps with three prongs (two on one side and one on the other), or with two rounded prongs, with one on each side. Clamps are used to hold laboratory glassware, such as Erlenmeyer flasks, distillation flasks, tubing, round bottom flasks, thermometers, etc. These tools allow the placement of an apparatus at various distances from the lab frame. Spring-loaded open-jaw clamps can be tightened down to hold something securely in place. The holding materials are made out of different substances, stainless steel e.g. offers high chemical resistance and durability. Aluminum offers great strength with a light weight. Here you learn more about specific characteristics of various materials.

Tube clamps

The flow-rate of fluids or gas in hoses can be regulated or stopped by using tube clamps. Knurled nuts on tube clamps enable a continuous flow regulation. Tube clamps made of stainless steel and aluminium make the lab aids extremely heat resistant and robust. Various sizes and diameter are available.