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Forcipes are useful lab aids when it comes to handling very small objects or small amounts of samples that should not be touched due to toxicity or for hygienic reasons. Here you find ca. 200 autocalvable tweezers and forcipes by Hammacher, Bochem, Hettich, Hirschmann etc., e.g. electrolytically polished tweezers, forcipes with different tips or plastic forcipes for working with objects that are fragile or susceptible to scratches.

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Tweezers & Forcipes

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  1. Agilent Technologies

    Tweezer, 4.75 in, L = 120 mm

    sku: AG8710-0007
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Various types of forceps for handling small objects or small amounts of samples that are not meant to get into contact with skin are available in our shop. Lab aids for all demands are on stock: from blunt forceps, to sharp and extra sharp precision forceps. Choose between forceps with or without guide-pin, bent and bent round forceps and tissue forceps. Further you find cover glass forceps, self-closing forceps and forceps made of stainless steel in our assortment. Here further information on material chracteristics (e.g. stainless steel, aluminium, nickel or titantium) is provided here.

Tweezers for Laboratories

Tweezers are also useful for handling small objects and objects that shouldn’t be touched. Different types of tweezers are suitable for diverse needs. Beaker tweezers, crucible tweezers and flask tweezers e.g. are ideal to grip hot items. The handles are made of ceramic or have a plastic coating. All tweezers of our assortment are autoclavable.