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Narrow neck bottles are standard bottles for storage, sample-taking and transport of chemicals. In every laboratory these narrow neck bottles represent an universal container and are essential for daily work. The analytics-shop.com offers these bottles in different dimensions and made from various materials, like PVC, PP and PET, depending on individual requirements. Amber glass bottles for storage of UV sensitiv substances can also be found in our product range.

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Narrow Neck Bottles

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  1. Agilent Technologies

    Sample Bottle 250mL For 5x60mm Std Rack

    sku: AG5043-0064
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Kautex - Narrow Mouth Bottles 

Narrow mouth bottles by Kautex are characterized by extraordinary flexibility, squeezability and by a excellent recovery behaviour. Additionally these narrow mouth bottle are garanteed leakproof to avoid contamination.There are products available with and withour closure (dropper cap, wash bottle closure). If required, the analytics-shop.com also offers UN narrow mouth bottles of Kautex for a safe transport of dangerous liquids and solutions. For manufacturing the materials HDPE, LDPE, PP and PVC are used. The shape can be choosen as round or square.
The product groups SafeGrip and ClearGrip should also be mentioned. Kautex narrow mouth bottles with SafeGrip are manufactured with an optimized handle for a safe and  comfortable handling. Thanks to this increased handle a higher stability as well as an increased safety is guaranteed while handling dangerous filling substances with a high specific weight. 
ClearGrip narrow mouth bottles from Kautex are perfectly for product presentations cause of the high transparents and smooth surface. The low weigth and the extraordinary  chemical resistence against acids, bases and organic solvents combined with thermical quality of the narrow mouth bottles of Kautex are just a few of the many excellent properties of these products. Furthermore these bottles can be autoclaved at 121 °C.


Vitlab - Narrow Mouth Bottles

The product range of Vitlab includes besides standard narrow mouth bottles (PFA) also conical shoulder bottles (PP). Letters are especially transparent and are delivered with a screw closure made from PP. Narrow mouth bottles ftom PP have a good chemical resistence and are well suited for long term storange of fluids. Furthermore autoclaving can be done at 121 °C according to DIN EN 285.
Conical shoulder bottles from Vitlab are also highly transparent and are only delievered with a PFA screw cap with buttress thread. These bottles are designed for long-term storage of high purity oxidants, acids, bases as well as for carbon hydrides, solvents for trace analytics and standards.

Nalgene Thermo Scientific - Narrow Mouth Bottles

Nalgene Thermo Scientific offers narrow mouth bottles made from FEP, PFA, HDPE and LDPE. The following represents the advantages of each material and possible application areas. 
FEP narrow mouth bottles are mainly used to analyze conduct trace metals. Additionally this material is resistent versus high or low temperatures as well as versus organic solvents. Bottles from PFA are applied for applications, which assume excellent temperature resistence and a high resistance against the most chemicals and corrosion. As opposed to this HDPE narrow neck bottles from Nalgene Thermo Scientific are characterized by a semi-flexible, transparent material, which guarantees excellent chemical resistance. LDPE bottles are used for analyses of trace metals. These flasks offer extraordinary chemical resistence against most acids, bases, alcohols and are guaranteed leak-proof.

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