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Wide neck bottles are stable flasks with a wide neck and a screw closure. Due to the wide opening these bottles can be refilled easily and are well suited for the storage of liquids on the one hand and granulates and solids on the other hand. The brown coloured bottles are also perfectly suited for the storage of light sensitive substances. The product range of the analytics-shop.com offers various wide neck bottles in different dimensions and materials from producers like Nalgene Thermo Scientific or Kautex.

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Wide Neck Bottles

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  1. Agilent Technologies

    External Bottle,100ml,with caps,6 pcs.

    sku: AGG3160-65307
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Kautex - Wide Neck Bottles

Kautex offers wide neck bottles in a round or rectangular shape. The materials used for manufacturing are HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP and PETG.

The wide neck bottles available at the analytics-shop.com made from HDPE are UN certified for solid materials, if needed. However, the approval are valid only for special closures for these bottles. The wide neck of these bottles enable easy filling, emptying and cleaning.
Wide neck bottles from PVC are rectangular shaped and available in transparent as well as brown transparent colour. The supplied black closure is leak-proof due to a PE  foam inlay. Especially the brown transparent wide neck bottles are suited for light sensitive media. On request, both colour variants are regarding the rectangular shaped bottles available without a lid.
Another product group of the wide neck bottles from Kautex are the ones made from transparent PETG. The bottles are rectangular and enable a brilliant and colour-fast product presentation thanks to the high transparency. The black closure leak-proof due to a foam inlay. These bottles are also perfectly suited for gift packaging and hobby craftsmen.
In contrast to the bottles described so far wide neck bottles made from LDPE are characterized by a round shape. Thereby it can be chosen between natural or brown colour. The closure is supplied.
Kautex wide neck bottles from PP are especially highlighted, because of an additional graduation. Furthermore these wide neck bottles are autoclave-able up to 121 °C. The shape of these bottles is round. The closure is supplied.

Nalgene Thermo Scientific - Wide Neck Bottles

The wide neck bottles available at the analytics-shop.com from Nalgene Thermo Scientific range from FEP (Teflon), LDPE, HDPE and PP. Additionally variants with rectangular shape can be ordered.

FEP (Teflon):
FEP wide neck bottles from Nalgene Thermo Scientific are resistant against temperature and chemicals. Application areas are especially trace element analysis and applications with organic solvents. These bottles, which are completely made from fluorine polymers are autoclave-able and suited for ultra cleaning with boiling nitric acid.

Nalgene´s wide neck bottles from HDPE are universally applicable are can be ordered natural as well as brown transparent coloured. Available shapes are round and rectangular. This material overs excellent resistant against chemicals like acids, bases and alcoholics. Furthermore, these wide neck bottles can be used in freezers up to -100 °C without affecting leak-proofage.

The shock-resistant LDPE wide neck bottles are characterized by a clearly visible graduation. These transparent bottles, which are made from poly ethylene, are specially suited for storage of chemicals and standards thanks to the low density. Furthermore, the material is completely trace metal free, wherefore these products are often used for trace metal analysis. A property that should also be mentioned is chemical resistance against acids, bases and alcoholics.

Besides the materials already mentioned Nalgene Thermo Scientific also offers wide neck bottles from poly propylene (PP). This polymere is especially suited for  autoclave and can be ordered in high purity.

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