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Today, microtiter plates are standard tools in the laboratory and are available for almost every application in life science research, be it filtration, separation, optical detection, storage or reaction mixing. The microtiter or well plate is usually produced in a rectangular 2:3 format with 96, 384 or 1536 wells isolated from each other. There are a number of other formats on the same base with variable height or filling volume. The well bottoms can be either flat, tapered or u-shaped. The 96-well format is the most commonly used well format in the laboratory.

Microtiter plates are usually made of polystyrene, for special applications of glass. Depending on the application, well plates are available in transparent (optical measurements), black (fluorescence measurements) or white (luminescence measurements) versions. Microplates are available in sterile and non-sterile versions.

At Analytics-Shop.com you will find various microtiter plates such as deep well plates, PCR plates or strip plates as well as corresponding accessories such as sealing mats. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

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Mircotiter plates & Deep Well

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  1. Waters

    96 Well Plate w/700µL Glass Insert

    sku: WT186000349
  2. Waters

    Deactiv 96 WellPlate w/700µL Gls Insert

    sku: WT186000349DV
  3. Waters

    96 Well Plate w/1mL Glass Inserts 18/pkg

    sku: WT186000855
  4. Waters

    DV96 Well Plate w/1mL Gls Inserts 18/pkg

    sku: WT186000855DV
  5. Waters

    1mL Quick Load Replace Inserts 96-well

    sku: WT186001436
  6. Waters

    1mL Quick Load Replace Inserts 96-well

    sku: WT186001436DV
  7. Waters

    700µL Quick Load Replace Inserts 96-well

    sku: WT186001437
  8. Waters

    700µL DV Quick Load Replace Inserts 96W

    sku: WT186001437DV
  9. Waters

    96 Well Plate for use with Glass Inserts

    sku: WT186001438
  10. Waters

    Oasis PRiME HLB 96-well Plate, 30 mg,

    sku: WT186008915
  11. Agilent Technologies

    Closing mats for 96 well plates,50PK

    sku: AG5042-1389
  12. Hirschmann

    Wax plates for haematocrit tubes

    sku: HI9120101
  13. Altmann Analytik

    SQW-Block, PP,96 Pos. 1ml SQW micro insert, 45,9x7,6mm

    sku: AAV19312022
  14. Altmann Analytik

    MT-plate,PP,96 Pos. 0,1ml MTP micro insert,15,5x5,7mm

    sku: AAV19312054
  15. Altmann Analytik

    DW-Block riplate, PP, 96 Pos. (Ritter), 10/pac

    sku: AAV19162001
  16. Altmann Analytik

    SQW-block, PP, 96 positions, (Ritter), 10/pck

    sku: AAV19162005
  17. Altmann Analytik

    Micro-Tube-Rack-System,PP, 96 Pos.(Ritter), 10/pac

    sku: AAV19162006
  18. Altmann Analytik

    MT-plate, PP, 96 positions (Ritter), 10/pck

    sku: AAV19162055
  19. Whatman

    Uniplate Microplates, PP, 48-well, 5ml, 25/pk

    sku: WH7701-5500
  20. Whatman

    Uniplate 96WELL 250µL V W-PS, 50/PAK

    sku: WH7701-3250
  21. Whatman

    Uniplate 24WELL 10ML PP 25/pk

    sku: WH7701-5102
  22. Whatman

    Uniplate 96WELL 2ML - 25 s, 25/PAK

    sku: WH7701-5200
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