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Petri Dishes

In this product category we offer you a wide selection of Petri dishes, such as, for example, a two-part Petri dish for the cultivation of cell cultures or the cultivation of microorganisms. The material is processed in such a way that a clear and distortion-free transparency can be ensured during microscopy. The nutrient medium can be distributed easily and evenly, so that bubble formation can be easily avoided.

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Petri Dishes

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It is easy to fill in the culture medium equally.  A blustering is therefore easy to avoid. There are differences in the material (polystyrene, duran, soda-lime-glas), in the height of the dishes and in the availability of ventilation openings. They are essential for a perfect gas exchange. Petri dishes without ventilation openings guarantee a long incubation time. All versions can be sealed with adhesive tape. They are resistant to temperatures of up to 50 degree Celsius. Therefore it is possible to autoclave them. A slight increase of the lid prevents an opening by accident while transporting the petri dishes.