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A centrifuge is a technical device used in the separation of materials. Centrifuges use centrifugal force that is derived through rotational movement to separate mixtures. Centrifuges are used for example in industrial facilities for production and quality assurance purposes. The Analytics shop offers high quality centrifuges from leading manufacturers. Among other things, the company Eppendorf offers user-friendly and powerful centrifuges. We also work closely with the  Hettich GmbH & Co. KG, which specializes in the development of centrifuges.

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  1. Eppendorf

    Adapter for 0.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes

    sku: EP5425716001
  2. Eppendorf

    Centrifuge 5427 R (cooled), 230 V/50-60 Hz

    sku: EP5409000012
  3. Eppendorf

    Fixed-angle rotor F-45-30-11, incl. rotor lid

    sku: EP5409708007
  4. Eppendorf

    Fixed-angle rotor F-45-48-11, incl. rotor lid

    sku: EP5409712004
  5. Eppendorf

    Fixed-angle rotor F-45-48-5 -PCR

    sku: EP5409714007
  6. Eppendorf

    Micro-centrifuge 5418, 230 V/50-60 Hz

    sku: EP5418000017
  7. Eppendorf

    Rotor FA-45-18-11

    sku: EP5418707005
  8. Eppendorf

    Rotor cover FA-45-18-11

    sku: EP5418708001
  9. Eppendorf

    Micro-centrifuge 5424, 230 V/50 Hz, foil variant

    sku: EP5424000215
  10. Eppendorf

    Micro-centrifuge 5424, 230 V/50 Hz, knob variant

    sku: EP5424000614
  11. Eppendorf

    Rotor FA-45-24-11-Special

    sku: EP5424700004
  12. Eppendorf

    Rotor cover for FA-45-24-11-Special

    sku: EP5424701000
  13. Eppendorf

    Rotor FA-45-24-11, incl. rotor cover

    sku: EP5424702007
  14. Eppendorf

    Rotor cover for FA-45-24-11

    sku: EP5424703003
  15. Eppendorf

    Rotor FA-45-32-5-PCR

    sku: EP5424704000
  16. Eppendorf

    Rotor FA-45-18-11-Kit

    sku: EP5424706002
  17. Eppendorf

    Rotor cover for FA-45-18-11-Kit

    sku: EP5424707009
  18. Eppendorf

    Rotor cover for FA-45-32-5-PCR

    sku: EP5424708005
  19. Eppendorf

    Adapter for 0.4 ml microcentrifuge tubes

    sku: EP5425717008
  20. Eppendorf

    Special rotor F-45-36-8 Special rotor F-45-36-8

    sku: EP5425730004
  21. Eppendorf

    Rotor cover polypropylene for F-45-36-8

    sku: EP5425733003
  22. Eppendorf

    Standard rotor FA-45-24-11

    sku: EP5425737009
  23. Eppendorf

    Micro-centrifuge 5430, 230 V/50-60 Hz

    sku: EP5427000011
  24. Eppendorf

    Micro-centrifuge 5430, 230 V/50-60 Hz

    sku: EP5427000216
  25. Eppendorf

    Micro-centrifuge 5430, knob variant, 230 V/50-60 Hz

    sku: EP5427000410
  26. Eppendorf

    Micro-centrifuge 5430, knob variant, 230 V/50-60 Hz

    sku: EP5427000615
  27. Eppendorf

    A-2-MTP, incl. 2 MTP buckets and rotor cover

    sku: EP5427700005
  28. Eppendorf

    Rotor FA-45-18-17-Cryo

    sku: EP5427705007
  29. Eppendorf

    Rotor FA-45-24-11-HS

    sku: EP5427710000
  30. Eppendorf

    Rotor FA-45-30-11

    sku: EP5427712003
  31. Eppendorf

    Rotor F-45-64-5-PCR

    sku: EP5427714006
  32. Eppendorf

    Rotor F-35-6-30

    sku: EP5427716009
  33. Eppendorf

    Adapter for rotor FA-45-64-5-PCR (set of 4 pcs)

    sku: EP5427717005
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Hettich Centrifuges

Users around the world value them: centrifuges from Hettich. Thanks to their longevity and their thoughtful and mature functionality. The reliable devices have been used successfully for more than 100 years in many different environments. Today Hettich is one of the world's leading manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges.

Hettich offers the right device for every application and requirement: Small Centrifuges, microlitre centrifuges, benchtop centrifuges, standing centrifuges, washing centrifuges and mating and special accessories.

Thermo Scientific centrifuges and rotors

Centrifuge systems of Thermo Scientific deliver outstanding performance and reliability in the lab. From microcentrifuge and desktop devices to modern state devices and innovative carbon fiber rotors all devices offer outstanding quality, enabling reliable results.

Achieve unprecedented productivity with our innovative centrifuges, rotors and accessories - versatile, powerful and easy to use. Our appliances meet all requirements in the clinical field, in blood banks, in microbiology, in tissue culture, molecular biology and genomics in, in drug development and in proteomics.

  • Performance: The latest technological innovations in Thermo Scientific centrifuges and rotors, such as the Fiberlite LEX rotors series; the construction lighter carbon fiber rotors ensures greater safety, comfort and at the same higher power.
  • Security: The maintenance of the centrifuge rotors is critical for the safety in your laboratory. The support specialists from Thermo Scientific work with you to a security program to contribute through preventative maintenance and advice on the safe handling of rotors, to extend the service life of your valuable rotors.
  • Ergonomics: The rotors selection has a decisive influence on the security of your samples and the performance of a centrifuge. Thermo ScientificTM FiberliteTM carbon fiber rotors are a progressive alternative to metal rotors due to high performance and corrosion resistance

Select from the versatile product selection proper centrifuge füre requirements, for example, a small table-top centrifuge

Small Benchtop centrifuges Thermo Scientific ™ offer an innovative design with outstanding capacity, with a compact design. With inter-laboratory settings, our compact benchtop centrifuges can flexibly respond to changes in clinical and research requirements and they meet modern safety standards in the field of clinical practice and research. 

Heraeus ™ Labofuge ™ 400 tabletop centrifuge

With the Thermo Scientific Heraeus ™ ™ Labofuge ™ 400 for centrifugation average large sample volumes for routine applications in research, biology and medicine perform separation tasks successfully. The Labofuge 400 is available in two models: air-cooled and cooled. They can be used for a variety of processes, by centrifugation at high speeds in microrotors up for gentle separation of animal cell cultures in Falcon ™ tubes. The benchtop centrifuges are available for ease of use and security.


  •     LED displays for temperature, speed, RZB and maturity
  •     Automatic Imbalance switch-off
  •     Protection against excessive speed of the rotor
  •     Maintenance-free induction drive
  •     Soft start / soft-brake function for difficult separations
  •     User-friendly Megacontrol II microprocessor control
  •     Quick run function for short runs
  •     Graduated braking for sensitive samples

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