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Find below our assortment of all-round heating panels to warm heating baths, beakers or Erlenmeyer flasks. For magnetic stirrer plus heating panels please click here

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Heating Panels

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  1. Merck

    Air-sampler System MAS-100 NT

    sku: MC1091910001
  2. Merck

    HY-LiTE Hygiene Monitoring System, 1 Unit

    sku: MC1301000301
  3. Merck

    HY-LiTE Sampling pens, 50 Units

    sku: MC1301020021
  4. Altmann Analytik

    Virtuoso Vial Identification System

    sku: AAV60180-VT100
  5. Merck

    Mains charger for MAS 100 NT, 1 Unit

    sku: MC1092000001
  6. Merck

    Tube-Adapter for MAS 100 Airsampler

    sku: MC1092240001
  7. Merck

    HY-LiTE Replacement paper roll for printer

    sku: MC1301100205
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