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Laboratory shakers mixers

In many laboratories, shaking or contactless mixing, e.g. to mix, separate, avoid deposits, or perform extractions. For all these requirements, devices from different manufacturers are available on the market. Click through our wide range of shaking devices from all well-known manufacturers. As a favorable alternative, we carry laboratory shakers and test tube shakers from IDL. We will of course provide shakers of all kinds for every application: horizontal shakers, overhead shakers, incubation shakers, circular shakers, vibrating shakers, etc.

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  1. Eppendorf

    SmartBlock 1.5mL, thermoblock for 24 tubes 1.5 mL

    sku: EP5360000038
  2. Eppendorf

    SmartBlock 0.5mL, thermoblock for 24 tubes 0.5 mL

    sku: EP5361000031
  3. Eppendorf

    SmartBlock 2.0mL, thermoblock for 24 tubes 2.0 mL

    sku: EP5362000035
  4. Eppendorf

    SmartExtender 1.5 ml

    sku: EP5322000008
  5. Eppendorf

    MixMate, 230 V without tube holder EU plug

    sku: EP5353000510
  6. Eppendorf

    MixMate, 110 V without tube holder US plug

    sku: EP5353000529
  7. Eppendorf

    Tube Holder for 8 conical 25/50 ml Tubes

    sku: EP5353040148
  8. Eppendorf

    Tube Holder for 4 conical 5/15 ml Tubes

    sku: EP5353040156
  9. Eppendorf

    Exchangeable block for 4 Slides

    sku: EP5368000010
  10. Pall Corporation

    Envirochek Schüttler Mit 8 Positionen, UoM: 1, 1/PAK

    sku: PA4822A
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