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Analytical balances

The analytical balance represents the most sensitive form of a precision balance. As a rule, it has a resolution of 0.1 mg and serves to weigh out extremely small mass fractions. Even more accurate balances with a resolution of 1 microgram are called microbalances. Analytical scales work according to the principle of the compensated torque, which is generated by the mass to be measured. This is then compensated by an electromagnetic force. Since the scales are very sensitive, fingerprints or humidity on the samples can lead to incorrect results. Therefore the sample container must be completely empty and dried completely in a desiccator.
We perform analytical and precision balances of high quality manufacturers such as Kern und IDL.

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Analytical Balances

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Analytical balances work with the principle of the compensated torque, which is created by the mass to measure itself. This torque is then being compensated by an electro-magnetic force. For the scales being so sensitive, fingerprints and air humidity in the samples can already create erroneous results. For that reason, the sample container has to be both completely empty and dried in a desiccator before.