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Please find in the following pages an offer of various weighing accessories for the daily lab routine. For example check weights, scale pans, weighing bottles, weighing brushes for the removal of dust and powder residues from weighing boats, weighing accessory sets (including aluminium circular containers, single-use scale pans, single-use weighing boats), weighing cards to weigh powder, and weighing paper.

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Weighing Accessories

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  1. Sartorius

    Knob Weight 500 g, OIML F2, DAkkS

    sku: STYCW554-AC-02
  2. Sartorius

    Knopfgewicht 5 kg, OIML M2

    sku: STYCW656-AC-00
  3. Sartorius

    Knob Weight 1 kg, OIML M2

    sku: STYCW616-AC-00
  4. Sartorius

    Knob Weight 2 kg, OIML M2

    sku: STYCW626-AC-00
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