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The use of high-quality buffer solutions is essential in order to achieve the best possible results in laboratory tests that require a constant pH value in the test solution. The so-called "buffer systems" (= buffer solutions) have the task of preventing a drastic change of the pH level of the solution when an acid or base is applied. However that indeed would be the case in an unbuffered system.

Buffer solutions are relevant in many fields of application in the laboratory industry. However they are also used frequently in the industrial chemistry, especially electroplating, the manufacture of dyes and for analysis.

In the Analytics-Shop we offer you numerous buffer solutions of excellent quality - feel free to seek advice from our expert team. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right product.

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Buffer Solutions

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  1. Waters

    pH 4 Pint, Reagent, Standards

    sku: WT127
  2. Waters

    pH 4 Liter, Reagent, Standards

    sku: WT129
  3. Waters

    pH 7 Pint, Reagent, Standards

    sku: WT131
  4. Waters

    pH 7 Liter, Reagent, Standards

    sku: WT133
  5. Waters

    pH 10 Pint, Reagent, Standards

    sku: WT135
  6. Waters

    pH 10 Liter, Reagent, Standards

    sku: WT137
  7. Agilent Technologies

    pH Electrode Fill Solution, 125 ml

    sku: AG55420
  8. Agilent Technologies

    Chloride reference fill solution, 500 ml

    sku: AG55415
  9. Agilent Technologies

    Calcium System

    sku: AG123-CA
  10. Agilent Technologies

    Calcium system with OMNIJET dispenser

    sku: AG123-CA-D
  11. Agilent Technologies

    Chloride system

    sku: AG123-CL
  12. Agilent Technologies

    Chloride system with OMNIJET dispenser

    sku: AG123-CL-D
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Characteristics of the pH

Not only in the laboratory but also in daily life we come across acidic and basic foods, beverages and cosmetics. Apart from largely neutral solutions such as the human saliva, pH values are divided into two areas:

  • Acidosis: denotes a value below the pH value of 7.35. Examples: gastric acid (pH 1.2 to 3.0) & carbon dioxide (pH at about 4.68)
  • Alkalosis: describes a value above pH 4.45. Examples: human blood (pH 7.35 to 7.45) & cosmetic soap (pH between 9 and 10)

Buffer solutions are substances that can avert a drastic change in the pH value after the addition of an acid or base. Suitable buffer solutions are either solutions composed of a weak acid and the alkali metal salt of this acid or mixtures of a weak base and the salt of this base.