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Pipettes, tips and accessories

Pipetting is one of the most common activities in the laboratory. The right choice of pipette is crucial to perform repetitive tasks accurately and without effort. Microliter pipettes from Eppendorf are perfect ergonomic work tools for industry, research and diagnostics in variable versions from 0.1 µl to 2500 µl. They are characterized, among other things, by their uniform liquid delivery and by maximum precision.

Choose the right pipette for your needs from our extensive range of pipettes. We carry conventional glass or plastic pipettes as well as state-of-the-art single-channel, multi-channel and adjustable spacer pipettes. In our product portfolio below, you will also find graduated pipettes, microliter pipettes, bulb pipettes and useful pipette accessories, such as pipette tips.

Pipette tips in a wide variety of designs are required for the use of pipettes. Eppendorf pipette tips are among the most commonly used tips. Due to their currently limited availability, we offer equivalent pipette tips and accessories from other manufacturers that are compatible with Eppendorf instruments: pipette tips from Greiner Bio-One, ratiolab and Brand are an adequate alternative to the pipette tips from Eppendorf, but have significantly shorter delivery times.


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Pipettes & Accessories

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    Macro-pipette controller, color green

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    Macro-pipette controller, magenta

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    Silicone-adapter with check valve

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    Membrane filters, 0,2 µm, sterile

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    HandyStep, incl. shelf/rack mount

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Graduated Pipettes

Graduated Pipettes are pipettes equipped with a volume scale and suitable to be used for different liquid volumes. Due to their capacity of different liquid volumes, they are more flexible, but also more inaccurate than bulb pipettes which only have one or two marks for a determined volume.

Microliter Pipettes

German physician Heinrich Schnitger developed the microliter or piston stroke pipette (PSP) in 1957. A microliter pipette works more precisely than conventional glass pipettes and is suitable for the dosage of even the smallest volumes from 0.1μl to 5000μl. Microliter pipettes work according to the principle of displacement: The device contains a moving piston that, when pushed down, displaces the air column below it or pulls it upwards in the upward movement and thereby also the liquid to be pipetted into the inserted pipette tip. This pipette tip is a disposable plastic article and is the only component to get in contact with the liquid. Directly displaced piston stroke pipettes are suitable for pipetting even very viscous solutions and use special pipette tips with a built-in piston, which directly comes into contact with the medium and thus eliminates the air cushion. Among other things, we supply microliter pipettes from the well-known manufacturers Eppendorf, Brand, Vitlab and many others. 

Sapphire pipette tips and filter tips from Greiner Bio-One

The new generation of Sapphire pipette tips features an improved tip design with a smooth surface to minimize liquid residues and thus the loss of valuable reagents and samples. The Sapphire low-retention surface minimizes sample material sticking to the inside of the tip. This ensures the highest accuracy, even with detergents and other viscous or complex samples.

The slim tip shape can reduce the risk of contamination during pipetting. The tips are made of highly transparent medical grade polypropylene and provide perfect sample visibility. The volume can be read quickly and easily thanks to the printed graduation. The tip sleeve is flexible and thus provides a perfect hold. The universal fit allows use with all common pipettes, including multichannel pipettes.

Sapphire filter tips are particularly safe: they reliably prevent the transfer of biological material and aerosols without any adverse effect on the accuracy of the pipetted volume. The filters are manufactured without additives, so samples can continue to be used even after accidental contact. Tips are free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA and PCR inhibitors, pyrogen-free and non-cytotoxic, and tested for leachables.