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Pipettes are essential instruments to work precisely. Pipettes determine the exact amount of liquid necessary for your work in the laboratory. We offer both standard glass or synthetical pipettes and ultra-modern single-channel, multichannel and adjustable Spacer pipettes. We offer a wide assortment of pipettes for you to choose the right one for your individual requirements.

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Pipettes & Accessories

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  1. Eppendorf

    Research plus, 100-1,000 µl, blue adjustable

    sku: EP3120000062
  2. Eppendorf

    Research plus, fix, blue, 1,000 µl

    sku: EP3121000120
  3. Eppendorf

    epTIPS Standard, 1-10 ml 200 pcs.

    sku: EP0030000781
  4. Eppendorf

    epTIPS Standard, 0.1-10 µl, S Nanotip 1000 pcs.

    sku: EP0030000811
  5. Eppendorf

    epTIPS Standard, 0.1-20 µl, M 1000 pcs.

    sku: EP0030000838
  6. Eppendorf

    epTIPS Standard, 2-200 µl 1000 pcs.

    sku: EP0030000870
  7. Eppendorf

    epTIPS Standard, 20-300 µl 1000 pcs.

    sku: EP0030000897
  8. Eppendorf

    epTIPS Standard, 50-1000 µl 1000 pcs.

    sku: EP0030000919
  9. Eppendorf

    epTIPS Standard, 500-2500 µl 500 pcs.

    sku: EP0030000951
  10. Eppendorf

    epTIPS Standard, 100-5000 µl 500 pcs.

    sku: EP0030000978
  11. Eppendorf

    epTIPS Box, 100-5000 µl

    sku: EP0030073169
  12. Eppendorf

    epTIPS Reloads, PCR, 0.1-10 µl 960 pcs.

    sku: EP0030073746
  13. Eppendorf

    epTIPS Racks 2-200 µl

    sku: EP0030075021
  14. Eppendorf

    ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S. 0,1-10 µl S 960 pcs.

    sku: EP0030077504
  15. Eppendorf

    ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S. 0,5-10 µl L 960 pcs.

    sku: EP0030077520
  16. Eppendorf

    ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S. 2-100 µl 960 pcs.

    sku: EP0030077547
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Graduated Pipettes

Graduated Pipettes are pipettes equipped with a volume scale and suitable to be used for different liquid volumes. Through their capacity of different liquid volumes, they are more flexible, but also more inaccurate than bulb pipettes which only have one or two marks for a determined volume.

Microliter Pipettes

German physician Heinrich Schnitger developed the microliter or piston stroke pipette (PSP) in 1957.A microliter pipette works more precisely than conventional glass pipettes and is suitable for the dosage of even the smallest volumes from 0.1μl to 5000μl. Microliter pipettes work according to the principle of displacement: The device contains a moving piston that, when pushed down, displaces the air column below it or pulls it upwards in the upward movement and thereby also the liquid to be pipetted into the inserted pipette tip. This pipette tip is a disposable plastic article and is the only component to get in contact with the liquid. Directly displaced piston stroke pipettes are suitable for pipetting even very viscous solutions and use special pipette tips with a built-in piston, which directly comes into contact with the medium and thus eliminates the air cushion. Among other things, we supply microliter pipettes from the well-known manufacturers Eppendorf, Brand, Vitlab and many others.