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Please find in the following pages pipettes, spare parts for pipettes and other pipette accessories. For example spare parts for the pipetus-standard pipette by Hirschmann: complete pipette holders, housings for pipette holders, round filter sets (5, 50 or 100 pieces), pump section without filter (230 V) and pump sections with filter (230 V). We also offer accessories for pipette tips, such as low retention filter tips (sterile, autoclaved, package made of environment-friendly PET).

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Other Pipettes & Accessories

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  1. Hamilton

    ML-500 Single Valve, HV, ø 19.1 mm

    Regular Price: $199.38

    Special Price $126.86

    sku: HT35825
  2. Hamilton

    ML-500 Dispenser Valve, dual

    Regular Price: $611.41

    Special Price $252.57

    sku: HT35842
  3. Hamilton

    ML-500 Diluter Valve, dual

    Regular Price: $554.92

    Special Price $213.71

    sku: HT35844
  4. Hamilton

    ML-600 PTFE-Universal Valve right, PEEK Body

    sku: HT60675-01
  5. Hamilton

    ML-600 PTFE-Universal Valveleft, PEEK Body

    sku: HT60676-01
  6. Hamilton

    ML-600 Universal Valve Croos Tube Assembly

    sku: HT61498-01
  7. Hamilton

    ML-600 Valve Plug

    sku: HT61729-01
  8. Hamilton

    ML- 300 Valve-Assembly

    sku: HT66008-01
  9. Agilent Technologies

    Torlon replaceable probe tip, 40 mm pathlength

    sku: AG7910034500
  10. Agilent Technologies

    Torlon replaceable probe tip, 20 mm pathlength

    sku: AG7910034600
  11. Hamilton

    Hand Probe for disposable Tips 5 ml

    sku: HT62575-01
  12. Hamilton

    Microlab 300 Disposable Tip Hand Probe

    sku: HT63960-01
  13. Hamilton

    Microlab 600 Disposable Tip Hand Probe

    sku: HT63960-02
  14. Hamilton

    ML 300/ ML 600 Pipettor+4, guided Pipette System

    sku: HT67100-01
  15. Hamilton

    ML-500 Valve Plug, CTFE, M6

    Regular Price: $18.29

    Special Price $9.00

    sku: HT35164
  16. Hamilton

    ML-500 Loop-Flow Valve, 4 Ports

    sku: HT39300
  17. Hamilton

    ML-600 Motor Assembly Valve

    sku: HT57563-01
  18. Hamilton

    ML-600 Valve-Motor Encoded Assembly

    sku: HT59181-01
  19. Agilent Technologies

    Probe tips, Versi, 10 mm pathlength, 2 pcs.

    sku: AG190055900
  20. ProSense

    Pipettes Stand Straight

  21. ProSense

    Pipettes Stand Round

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