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Please find in the below product portfolio different pipette tips. For instance, non-filtered pipette tips by BIOHIT, low retention pipette and filter tips by BRAND and many more. We also offer pipette tips type Eppendorf. 

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Pipette Tips

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  1. Whatman

    Sterile Foam Tipped Swab, 100/Pak

    sku: WHWB100032
  2. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Replace CPI Tips standard

    sku: TF850-RT
  3. Agilent Technologies

    OMIX, 96 C18 100µl (1 pcs.)

    sku: AGA57003100
  4. Agilent Technologies

    OMIX, 96 C18 100µl (6/Case)

    sku: AGA57003100K
  5. Agilent Technologies

    OMIX, SCX 100µl 96 pcs.

    sku: AGA57004100
  6. Agilent Technologies

    OMIX, 96 C4 100µl (96 pcs.)

    sku: AGA57009100
  7. Agilent Technologies

    OMIX,C4 100µl (6 pcs.)

    sku: AGA57009100K
  8. Hamilton

    C 10UL XL96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT11003-15
  9. Hamilton

    CPS 10UL XL96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT11003-25
  10. Hamilton

    CPS 10UL XLF96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT11003-26
  11. Hamilton

    1200uL 96/RACK 10x

    sku: HT11009-18
  12. Hamilton

    CPS 10UL LTXL96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT23003-25
  13. Hamilton

    CPS 10UL 96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68007-12
  14. Hamilton

    CPS 10UL F96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68007-13
  15. Hamilton

    C 10UL LT96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68007-21
  16. Hamilton

    CPS 10UL LT96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68007-22
  17. Hamilton

    CPS 10UL LTF96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68007-23
  18. Hamilton

    C 10UL LTXL96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68007-24
  19. Hamilton

    CPS 200UL 96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68008-12
  20. Hamilton

    CPS 200UL F96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68008-13
  21. Hamilton

    C 200UL LT96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68008-21
  22. Hamilton

    CPS 200µL LT96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68008-22
  23. Hamilton

    CPS 200UL LTF96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68008-23
  24. Hamilton

    300µL 96/Rack 10x

    sku: HT68009-11
  25. Hamilton

    CPS 300UL 96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68009-12
  26. Hamilton

    CPS 300UL F96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68009-13
  27. Hamilton

    C 300UL LT96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68009-21
  28. Hamilton

    CPS 300UL LT96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68009-22
  29. Hamilton

    CPS 300UL LTF96/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68009-23
  30. Hamilton

    CPS 1ML 100/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68010-12
  31. Hamilton

    CPS 1ML F100/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68010-13
  32. Hamilton

    C 1ML LT100/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68010-21
  33. Hamilton

    CPS 1ML LT100/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68010-22
  34. Hamilton

    CPS 1ML LTF100/RACK 10X

    sku: HT68010-23
  35. Agilent Technologies

    FOAM TIP SWABS CETAC 440281 SP 5558

    sku: AG9910087100
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