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In the following we would like to introduce a wide-ranging offer of different refractometers to you. We offer refractometers of nameable producers such as Carl Roth. Carl Roth offers Abbe refractometers including hook ups for thermostates. The built-in illumination system of the themostates guarantees intense brightness.

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  1. Mettler-Toledo

    Digital refractometer Refracto 30PX

    sku: MR51324650
  2. Mettler-Toledo

    Digital refractometer Refracto 30GS

    sku: MR51324660
  3. Mettler-Toledo

    EasyDirect Density and Refractometry

    sku: MR30451628
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Refractometers are being used to determine the index of refraction (and the brix value) of liquid, solid, semisolid and powdery material.