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We offer you test kits serving iron, copper, manganese, phosphate and chlorine. We also do offer a kit to determine the pH-value. Among others, we offer products by Carl Roth and Macherey-Nagel. Test kits contain reagents to detect particular materials, substances or elements. There are photometrical, chemical or caliometrical methods. All required materials to achieve such a detection come with the test kit.

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Test Kits

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  1. Whatman

    Indicator paper, roll, pH range 1-11

    sku: WH10362030
  2. Merck

    Silicat (Kieselsäure)-Test

    sku: MC1147940001
  3. Pall Corporation

    Acroprep Advance 1ml Dna Binding, UoM: 1, 5/PAK

    sku: PA8132
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