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In daily lab work, very particular pollutants are being created which require a very particular disposal. They have to be sorted by groups and collected in different containers. Mostly, we are talking about very small amounts of chemical residues. Yet, these have to be disposed conscientiously. In the following pages, you find valuable tips and products regarding the responsible treatment of chemical residues and chemical waste. Well-founded information is also available through the security data sheets of different producers.

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  1. Greiner Bio-One

    Disposal Bag, PP, 600x780 mm, 65 l, non-sterile, 500/PAK

    sku: GB646201
    In Stock
  2. Agilent Technologies

    Waste tube, 0.8 mm id, 15 cm long

    sku: AGG2258-87310
  3. PerkinElmer

    Clear waste and wash vial, 4 mL (15 mm)

    sku: PE09923031
  4. Agilent Technologies

    Waste accessory kit

    sku: AG5062-8535
  5. Nalgene Thermo Scientific

    Safety Waste Funnel System, 4 pc/PAK

    sku: NL63780004
  6. Agilent Technologies

    PVC waste Tubing 8 mm OD x 5 mm ID 2m SPS4

    sku: AGG8410-80122
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