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Working with sensitive material and potentially hazardous substances requires special standards in lab equipment. Lab furniture according to your specific needs is essential for efficient analyses and hygienic working conditions. Besides high quality lab furniture with easy-to-clean surfaces we offer a wide range of supply for the safe storage and transport of samples and material. These include laboratory furniture such as mobile tables, work tables with plastic plates and swivel chairs as well as numerous other accessories for the optimal equipment, modernization and expansion of your laboratory. With the laboratory furniture of the well-known manufacturers Bochem, Dinkelberg or MBT-Brand, you will bring your laboratory up to date and create the ideal basis for efficient work and maximum flexibility.

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Storage & Transportation

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  1. Bochem

    Safety-bottle carrier, 18/10-steel

    sku: BO8300SS
  2. Nalgene Thermo Scientific

    Safety bottle carrier/LDPE Safety bottle carrier/LDPE

    sku: NL65050010
  3. Bochem

    Wirebasket with handle diam. 100mm

    sku: BO10050
  4. Bochem

    Wirebasket with handle diam. 120mm

    sku: BO10051
  5. Bochem

    Wirebasket with handle diam. 150mm

    sku: BO10052
  6. Bochem

    Wirebasket with handle diam. 180mm

    sku: BO10053
  7. Bochem

    Wirebasket with handle diam. 210mm

    sku: BO10054
  8. Bochem

    Wirebasket with handle diam. 240mm

    sku: BO10055
  9. Bochem

    Wirebasket with handle diam. 270mm

    sku: BO10056
  10. Bochem

    Wirebasket with handle diam. 300mm

    sku: BO10057
  11. Bochem

    Laboratory cart with 2 shelves

    sku: BO11410
  12. Bochem

    Laboratory cart with 3 shelves

    sku: BO11411
  13. Bochem

    Roller trolley

    sku: BO8004
  14. Bochem

    Transport can 1 l, dia.xH.100x140mm

    sku: BO8300
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Lab Furniture: Tables, Workbenches, Lab Jacks etc.

At Analytics-Shop.com you find a great selection of high quality lab furniture: from tables and workbenches, to tripods and absolutely wobble-free lab jacks, we offer various supply to make your daily lab-routine a lot more comfortable and safe. Choose your equipment according to your specific needs: tables are available with wheels or levelling-feet, with easy-to-clean surfaces or with drawers and sliding doors.

Tables for laboratories

Tables and workbenches are the core of your laboratory. According to your specific needs, you can choose between movable tables (4 wheels, 2 wheels with locking levers, wheel diam. 75mm) and stable tables with levelling feet. Further tables with lower shelves and drawers are available. The table tops are made of high quality and robust white Polypropylen (PP). If you need any assistance, we are happy to provide advice!

Tripods and stools for your lab furniture

Besides a wide range of laboratory tables and workbenches, we offer a large selection of further lab furniture and accessories such as tripods and shelves. Tripods by Bochem with malleable cast iron (zinc coated) have welded screw-on feet. Further at Analytics-Shop.com you find height-adjustable models. Ideally the tripod should be just high enough to heat the container and its content. Here you also find stands & racks and stands and stand components.

Containers, Transportation Carts & Accessories

Special containers and accessories are needed for the storage and transport of samples and materials. Choose between robust wire baskets by Bochem, transport cans and other high quality containers and boxes. Safety canister e. g. are adequate for the transport and storage of flammable liquids. Further we stock useful accessories like transport carts, castor and pallet trucks to make the transport of your material a lot more convenient.

Wire products for storage and transportation

Wire products are extremely robust and an excellent solution for storage and transportation. We offer a wide range of wire baskets and transport baskets by the well-known manufacturer Bochem. The surface of the stainless steel wires is entirely ground, deburred and electrolytically polished. Hence Bochem wire products are not prone to contamination, rust or residues. Further all contact points are spot-welded and the vessels will keep their shape. Wire baskets are available in round and angular shapes in numerous dimensions up to a diameter of 100mm. The mesh width is 8x8mm, the wires used are 1mm thick.

Safety Jerrycans

Safety canister made of stainless steel are the ideal solution for the transport and storage of smaller amounts of flammable liquids. Protection from exploding through flame protection and excess pressure valve. The canisters e. g. by Bürkle have a high degree of chemical resistance and are available with handles made of solid stainless steel.

Laboratory Carts and Trolleys

Besides laboratory wire carts we offer a wide range of lab carts with shelves and trolleys with rollers. Some of our carts (e.g. by Dinkelberg anayltics) come together with baskets, others are foldable (have a look at our Bochem lab carts). Our sortiment of transportation accessories covers first class lab carts for numerous needs in various sizes and made of different materials. If you have any questions, our experts are happy to assist you!


We offer high quality lab-jacks by Bochem that make every-day tasks in your laboratory a lot more comfortable and safe. Bochem is one of the pioneers in the development of completely wobble-free lab jacks. Due to a further developed scissor technology with clearly reduced tolerances, work with aggressive acids or hot oil baths is considerably safer. This feature is also applied on aluminium models by Bochem, which are likewise equipped with scissors of 18/10 steel. The ergonomic rounded knob makes working with Bochem lab-jacks not only safe but also very user friendly.