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Here you find useful accessories to make you daily lab routine considerably easier. Besides lab jacks by Bochem we stock a wide range of laboratory carts, trolleys and castor. As usual we offer high quality accessories by renowned manufacturers such as Bochem, Dinkelberg analytics, Rettberg, MBT-Brand and many more.

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Transportation Accessories

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  1. Bochem

    Roller trolley

    sku: BO8004
  2. Eppendorf

    Rolling Cabinet for Centri- fuges 5804/R and 5810/R

    sku: EP5821020010
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Laboratory Carts and Trolleys

Besides laboratory wire carts we offer a wide range of lab carts with shelves and trolleys with rollers. Some of our carts (e.g. by Dinkelberg anayltics) come together with baskets, others are foldable (have a look at our Bochem lab carts). Our sortiment of transportation accessories covers first class lab carts for numerous needs in various sizes and made of different materials. If you have any questions, our experts are happy to assist you!


We offer high quality lab-jacks by Bochem that make every-day tasks in your laboratory a lot more comfortable and safe. Bochem is one of the pioneers in the development of completely wobble-free lab jacks. Due to a further developed scissor technology with clearly reduced tolerances, work with aggressive acids or hot oil baths is considerably safer. This feature is also applied on aluminium models by Bochem, which are likewise equipped with scissors of 18/10 steel. The ergonomic rounded knob makes working with Bochem lab-jacks not only safe but also very user friendly.