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The daily routine in modern laboratories involves the shipping of material and samples as well as the transportation in-house. In our shop you find a large selection of suitable containers by numerous renowned manufacturers. We offer high quality wire products and transport cart systems by Bochem as well as safety-bottle carriers, transport cans, cases, trolleys and more supply you need to safely transport your material from A to B. 

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Transportation Containers

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  1. Eppendorf

    Adapter plate for 96 × 0.2 ml PCR tube

    sku: EP5363007009
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Wire products for storage and transportation

Wire products are extremely robust and an excellent solution for storage and transportation. We offer a wide range of wire baskets and transport baskets by the well-known manufacturer Bochem. The surface of the stainless steel wires is entirely ground, deburred and electrolytically polished. Hence Bochem wire products are not prone to contamination, rust or residues. Further all contact points are spot-welded and the vessels will keep their shape. Wire baskets are available in round and angular shapes in numerous dimensions up to a diameter of 100mm. The mesh width is 8x8mm, the wires used are 1mm thick.

Safety Jerrycans

Safety canister made of stainless steel are the ideal solution for the transport and storage of smaller amounts of flammable liquids. Protection from exploding through flame protection and excess pressure valve. The canisters e. g. by Bürkle have a high degree of chemical resistance and are available with handles made of solid stainless steel.