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Agilent Technologies

As an internationally leading company for measurement engineering Agilent Technologies caters to all needs of modern analytical work. The product range covers more than 16 000 different items of innovative analytical technology. Besides HPLC columns and GC columns any available articles of this high quality manufacturer can be found in the analytics-shop.com.

In our Analytics-Shop you will find, besides deuterium lamps, HPLC and GC columns, many other high-quality products from Agilent, such as extensive HPLC, GC or SPE accessories.
If you have any questions regarding our offers or if you need help, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Agilent Technologies

Top Products of Agilent Technologies


Agilent HPLC Columns

The various HPLC columns of Agilent are available in all conceivable configurations. Besides packing materials as Amino, C4, C18, Phenyl or Silica both length as well as column diameter can be selected. Furthermore all prevalent phase materials like Zorbax, Poroshell, Polaris, Pursiut or ChromSpher are part of the analytics-shop.com assortment of goods.

Agilent GC Columns

Agilent not only offers individual solutions for everyday analytical work but also makes sure that - due to 40 years of continuous research and development - the quality of each separation is consistently high. If you have not found the suitable GC column material amongst HP-Innowax, HP-Plot, Carbowax and others don’t hesitate to contact us.

Agilent HPLC and GC Supplies

Besides spare parts for HPLC and GC Agilent also carries a wide range of lab equipment like syringes, cells, lamps etc. which facilitate optimal analytical results by high quality standards.

Polymer Laboratories

Polymer Laboratories was acquired by Varian in 2005 and now is part of Agilent Technologies. Polymer Laboratories produced high quality HPLC Columns. We can offer you the entire product range (HPLC spare parts and supplies) of Polymer Laboratories. You can find the Polymer Laboratories products in the Agilent catalog.

Agilent Deuterium lamps

The high-quality Agilent Long-Life Deuterium lamps are characterized by a higher signal-to-noise ratio, a higher sensitivity, lower downtime and especially by a longer service life. Through rigorous testing an optimal signal-to-noise ratio, the correct operating voltage as well as a high and uniform light intensity are guaranteed. Agilent InfinityLab lamps with RFID send information for easier maintenance and faster troubleshooting, which reduces operating costs and reduces possible downtime. Agilent Long-Life Deuterium lamps also offer a 50% longer service life of more than 2000 operating hours through an improved coating process.

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