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AIT France

The company A.I.T. France was founded over 20 years ago and provides the medical, pharmaceutical and chemical market worldwide with high-quality accessories for chromatography. Through years of experience in retail A.I.T. France has extended its portfolio by products of its manufacture such as Smart Caps, caps or consumables for organic synthesis. Due to their experience and expertise in the laboratory field A.I.T. France may now rank among the market leaders in chromatography needs.

In the Analytics-Shop we offer you the high-quality Smart Caps by the french company A.I.T. France. If you have any questions concerning our products, we'll be glad to advise you independently.

A.I.T. France
AIT France

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HPLC safety caps & smart caps

AIT FRANCE safety lockers (safety caps & smart caps) are high class, flexible connecting systems. We offer you various safety lockers in different dimensions and types.


Safety Caps are formed by airtight caps into a variable number (at least two) are drilled holes. Through one of these holes, the capillary to the solvent reservoir with the (HPLC) connects equipment runs. In a Safety Cap these can be secured by a ferrule, whereby the thin tube will not slip and verhinder same time that air on and may leak toxic gases. In a second hole is an air valve. The valve allows air to flow into the interior of the vessel to compensate for the pressure in solvent removal. The membrane in the interior of the air valve also prevents the escape of solvent vapors and thus protects the user from potentially toxic vapors. Since no solvent vapors to escape remains the solvent concentration constant over several days. This solvent is also protected from contamination, which enables reliable and reproducible measurement results. The advantages of using Smart Caps are numerous:

Protection of your health: prevention of escape of harmful gases

✔ Impeccable results: solid closure prevents contamination of the solvent

Versatile: Smart Caps are suitable for many industries including the pharmaceutical & food industry

In addition to the various advantages offered by Smart Caps in general, the french company further scores with the uncomplicated usability of its products with those of other manufacturers such as SCAT Europe.

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