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Bochem is a family business in its fourth generation. The German manufacturer has been selling metal goods and instruments for laboratories and industrial companies since 1957. The processing of stainless steel is one of the company's core specialities. Bochem products are manufactured according to international norms and recognised standards. At Analytics-Shop.com you will find a large selection of stands, laboratory furniture, containers and accessories for your laboratory.


Top Products of Bochem


Laboratory accessories made of steel or aluminium from Bochem

The main expertise of Bochem is the processing and refinement of steel or aluminium as well as the handling of these materials. Anyone who picks up or operates the spatulas, scissors, stirrers or lifting platforms sees and feels the difference: stability, durability and high-quality workmanship are the hallmarks of Bochem products. Varnished products, for example, are protected with a chemical-resistant epoxy-based plastic powder coating. Stainless steel products are given an electrolytic surface polish to protect them reliably against rust or flash rust.

Lab jacks from Bochem

Laboratory lifting platforms and electric lifting platforms are used for wobble-free lifting and lowering. Bochem standard lifting platforms are operated by a rounded, ergonomic adjusting wheel. In addition, autoclavable laboratory lifts with metal knobs are available. The MAXI laboratory lift has an extended scissor action and offers 30 percent more height. 

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